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Another view

Significant Koorie sites in inner city Melbourne

Another view is a circuit through inner city Melbourne which shows walkers sites important to Koorie people. It Includes false plaques, such as the one which declares the area unpopulated, and therefore available for settlement, the homes of aboriginal legends, such as the place where the souls of unborn children live, and the local jail. Swanston St, Melbourne, Matthew Flinders Statue

Statue of Matthew Flinders, Swanston St, Melbourne

Footbridge, Yarra River

Footbridge, Yarra River.

From this position you can see the Elizabeth St Creek.

Collins St, Melbourne

Collins St, Melbourne

Each place is marked by an artwork. Over the next few weeks we will be collecting photographs of these sites and putting them on these pages. Like the Art Deco walk of Melbourne, this is a continuing project. If you have a photograph that we can use (credited of course), or an account of your following the walk, please let us know. If you want to be notified when the pages change, click on the button below.

If you want to take this walk, print out a description of the walk, and the map.

Swanston St Melbourne, Burke & Wills Statue

Statue of Burke & Wills, Swanston St, Melbourne.

Reader comment Great site,
Our little family history Unit can help people with their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, its a free service and we have a 1800-730-129 free call number,
Regards, Kath
Although not part of the Another View trail, the William Ricketts Sanctuary on Mount Dandenong Road is well worth a visit.
figure from William Ricketts Sanctuary
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