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Software reviews (and discussions)

Altas, Encarta 97 World Atlas; review Ali Kayn
Bernard of Hollywood's Marilyn (CD) archived off. Ali Kayn
Cinemania 97, CD; review Ali Kayn
Crayola Childrens' graphics, review Alex Keher
Deep Space Nine Voiceprint software, review archived off Ali Kayn
Dilbert Desktop Games games, review reviewer
Encarta 97 World Atlas; review Ali Kayn
FloorPlan Plus 3D, review Philip
HotDog Pro 4.5, reviewAli Kayn
HotDog Pro 5 Webmaster Suite, reviewSimon Feeney
Laplink Technical, reviewAli Kayn
Learning Windows ® 95 (Corel), review Guy Matters
NetMechanic, Internet Robot, announcement Ali Kayn
PhotoImpact by Ulead; mention; review archived Ali Kayn
WebTrack Ali Kayn
Winebase (Cellar Management) Ali Kayn
Yellow Hippo review (CD) archived off Peter Wain
World Atlas, Encarta 97; review Ali Kayn

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