Bibliography - Russ Crossley July 2014


Titles as R.G. Crossley
Short Stories

Razor and Edge Mysteries
Mirror Image
The Kidnapping of Billy Buttons
String of Pearls
Death by Clown
Beggin' For Murder
Ragged Ice
The Grand Central Mystery
A Strange Case of Undead Murder

Jazz Stiletto Mysteries
A Day Without Sunshine
Instrument of Justice

Non-Series Mysteries
Dangerous Waters
Cape Disappointment
The Watcher of Wayburn Street
The Apprentice
A Beautiful Friendship and The Parrot of Doom
Robine's Diary
The Christmas Club
Loose Ends
Splatter Pattern
It Takes Two

The Adventures of Razor and Edge:
The Razor and Edge Mysteries
Justice Served

A Bad Case of Loyalty
The Last Serial Killer
Shear Murder

First appeared in Over My Dead Body (OMDB) online magazine
Instrument of Justice

Titles as Russ Crossley

War of the Lushites Series
Attack of the Lushites
Revenge of the Lushites

Short Stories
Shoeless Moe
Round Up At The Burger Bar:
The Story of Trixie Pug, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Five Minutes
Blossom Queen, Barbarian
The Secret
The Family Line
End of the Flies
Death by Magic
The Penguin Sleeps With The Fishes
Only The Worthy
Hero For A Day
End of Empire
Strange Bedfellows
Big Business
A Perfect Crime
The Wise Guy and The Pirates
In Search of the Perfect Cup
T.I.N. Men
The Legend of G and the Dragonettes
The Incredible Mr. Fix-It
Lock Stock and Barrel
Divided Loyalties
Cave of Wonders
A Family Empire
Until We Meet Again
Dragon Rising
Solitary Man
Mind Readers
The Great Bicycle Race

Presents Anthology Series
Adventures into the Unknown
Tales of Urban Fantasy
Five Tales of Bizarre Detectives
Tales of Mystery and Suspense
Tales of Weird Fantasy
Spies, Detectives, & Heroes
Tales of Twisted Crime
Tales of The Unexpected
Tales From Space
10 by Russ Crossley
Round Up At The Burger Bar: The Story of Trixie Pug,
Parts 1- 5 The Beginning
Worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy
More Tales of Mystery and Suspense
Ladies of the Jolly Roger

Titles as R.G. Hart

Short Stories
Tikka's Big Day
"My Partner the Zombie" -
Hungry For Your Love Anthology
(St. Martin's Press)
Big Hairy Deal
One Red Shoe
A Bad Day in Lunden Texas
Hook Island
Grind Manor
Bloody Betty, Queen of the Pirates
Love Stories
Ladies of the Jolly Roger with R.S. Meger

My Zombie Prince
Antique Virgin
The Fire In Their Hearts
with R.S. Meger from Champagne Books

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