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June, 2001

Seven Up
book cover, Seven Up, Janet Evanovich
Seven Up, (p/b, Hodder Headline, 2001, )
Our Steph's at it again. She's out to catch Eddie DeChooch, a cold-blooded killer, yes, but last time he tried to shoot someone he murdered an ironing board. Yet even with her trusty plus-sized sidekick Lula by her side, Eddie continues to evade her. Can Stephanie bring in Eddie without Ranger's help? Not that his price for services isn't tempting, the Cuban ex-Special Forces superhero bounty hunter with the buff body and the sexy black cars only wants one night of passion.

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What's a girl to do? And in between car chases and gun battles, Stephanie has to deal with sometime boyfriend, sexy cop Morelli edging back and forth on the way to matrimony.

Stephanie Plum, for those who've missed her previous adventures is an ex-lingerie buyer who has found gainful employment as a bounty hunter. Well, her family and occasional boyfriend think she'd be better off in a button factory, but it's such a cool job and you don't have to wear pantyhose. Pity Stephanie's afraid of her own gun, though.

Stephanie's adventures are set in a idiosyncratic world called the 'burgs', the suburbia to which mafia types used to retire. It's a land of big hair, hard makeup, and overachiever housewives, where you ain't nobody if you don't have a nice gun in your purse. Sure there's a law against carrying concealed, but it's not as if anyone considered it a really IMPORTANT law.

All the regulars return in this adventure, including the very stoned Douggie and Mooner. Evanovich manages to mix humour with crime in an addictive mix that makes chocolate look like an amateur.

The adventures of Stephanie mix outrageousness with a razor-sharp observation of human nature, and there's someone for just about everyone to relate to. After a junk-food laden dose of a Plum escapade you'll be torn between gorging yourself on pizza, fried chicken and doughnuts -- or swearing on all the food you hold holy that you'll join a gym, and a gun club and be as cool as Ranger. For more of Stephanie's adventures, see the Series Series entry

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