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Last Issue: Science Fiction: Anarchists, Malcontents, Loonies, and Geniuses (David Gerrold)

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Bay of Sighs (Nora Roberts), Borderline (Joseph Badal), The Gender Experiment (L J Sellers), Cold Justice (Rayven T. Hill), Jack and Gill (Cheryl Phipps), Cupcakes, Pies and Hot Guys (Pamela Dumond), Paper Phoenix (Michaela Thompson), Ties that Bind (Carolyn Arnold),

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May 2016


For Booklovers and Writers

It's a Good Idea to Own The Rights to a Book Before You Film It

Lee Goldberg writes: "Actor James Franco made big news in the Hollywood trades when he began pre-production on a movie adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's BLOOD MERIDIAN that he was slated to write & direct. He got Scott Rudin on board to produce, lined up IMGlobal to distribute the film, and managed to cast Russell Crowe and Vincent D'Onofrio, among others. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Except..."

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Women Swept The 2015 The Nebula Awards

Andrew Liptak writes: Earlier tonight, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America handed out the Nebula Award in Chicago, and this year women have swept one of science fiction's biggest awards.

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Submissions are now open at Ford St

Authors and illustrators submitting their work are advised to study the sort of books we publish. A hint: children's through to YA only!

Paul Collins writes:, "Please don't submit books that have already been published, either in print or on the net; we're not currently accepting chapter books (anything under 8000 words). We hate to sound provincial, but we only publish Australian authors and illustrators. We're fine with multiple-submitted MSS, but please let us know if you've found a suitable publisher before hearing back from us."

For more information, remember to comply with the guidelines

The Series Series

Updated Series Series (Reading order) pages: Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series;

The Usual Questions Project

Collage, signatures, autographs, photographs, authors; 120x136

More authors have answered The Usual Questions, our quirky, Q and A sessions.

Anyone who is a professional can be part of the project: authors, illustrators, film-makers, performers. The Usual Questions index page has a list of the authors and film-makers and illustrators participating in the project.

People who have answered the questions in the past include Terry Pratchett, Lawrence Block, Janet Evanovich, Charlaine Harris, Tanya Huff, Harlan Ellison.

This issue, the following authors and editors and illustrators have responded:

Mary Doyle (M. L. Doyle) answers The Usual Questions

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