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Clubs and societies directory
If you would like your club or society advertised on Festivale, please check out our discounted rates for clubs and non-profit societies click here. Or contact the editor (you know how). If you want to search the web for a club, organisation, or celebrity, you can do so from our search page.

Crime/Mystery see the list in the Death on the Internet article.
Sisters in Crime, mystery and advernture fans

Web listings of science fiction/fantasy/SCA clubs; web pages are listed on oz.sf
Listings including local and international authors and fans

Computing Clubs are listed on the Association of PC User Groups web site

Our listing of Genre Clubs (crime & mystery; science fiction, fantasy & horror; television & film fan clubs)was removed October 1, 1997. This is in accordance with our published notice that listings would be removed if clubs did not contact us to confirm their details.

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