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April 1998

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The editor (right) with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (left) Another month in sunny, windy, rainy, hot, cold Melbourne. What a perfect city for coffee shops. Not so good a city for getting a job in the computer industry, however, and we have seen the departure of quite a few friends to busier Sydney. Sigh.

Previous Digit-ali Next Digit-ali Bookmark and Share After listening to Jeff Kennet and Alan Stockdale and Billy Gates extolling the virtues of Hi-tech Victoria and the booming employment opportunities I felt like Alice post-Mad Hatters Tea Party. The 'most liveable city in the world' has falling employment, falling pay rates, worsening conditions, and the removal of legal redress against employers in key areas. Capitalism makes for interesting and scary bedmates.

As to the rest of the month that was, HP sent their DeskJet 720C, and what a wondrous machine that is! Using the top glossy stock one can get photograph quality images, using the transfer paper, one can print images on material and have unique T-Shirts, clothes, haberdashery, whatever your fervid imagination can encompass.

Dataworks and Microsoft threw their encyclopedias this way, and after much scuffling with the other reviewers, I managed to retain my hold on them.

I also have to apologise to Sally Odgers, who writes a column in the bookroom, for dropping her March column through the cracks. And of course, an apology to the readers who went looking for it.

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