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Summer 1997-8
(Filed January, 1998)
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In & Out

Big Business in A Reel Life

Titanic, the movie, has been doing big business in the real world, and here in Festivale. Literally thousands of people have hit the site looking for information, reviews, and a place to say 'Thank you' for the film.

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Happy New Year, People.

Like a lot of film buffs, I go through periods of being passionate about certain actors, watching everything I can of them, reading up on them and in general becoming an instant expert on the works of that particular thespian. So some time in November, it came to my mind that most Australian film buffs are woefully ignorant on the subject of Australian film of the past. A lot of people think that things started here with Judy Davis and Gillian Armstrong. Popular culture encourages this kind of temporal myopia, so it isn’t entirely your fault. Blame it on the boogie.

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Also, blame it on the video shops. Finding Australian films of the forties, fifties and even sixties is about as easy as trying to milk chocolate. The National Film and Sound Archive are helping the situation by releasing some of their collection on video. Smithy, based loosely on the life of Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith has got loose on the market. There are also a swag of documentaries on life in Australia in the early 20th Century. Aside from these worthwhile releases, we’ve got sweet nada to look at.

I did get lucky in a Movieland and found a double-pack video containing The Overlanders (1946) and Eureka Stockade (1949) starring the monolithic and iconographic Chips Rafferty. So I went on a Chips Rafferty binge. By happy circumstance I found a copy of Bob Larkins’ 1986 book Chips. The Life and Films of Chips Rafferty and swallowed it whole.

Chips had to overcome a handicap to become the icon of the post-war Australian male. He was born with the name John William Pilbean Goffage. He went on to make movies with Robert Mitchum (The Sundowners), Marlon Brando (Mutiny on the Bounty), Burt Reynolds (Skullduggery), Jack Lemmon (The Wackiest Ship in the Army) and Elvis Presley (Double Trouble).

See you in a darkened room where all the seats face the same way,

Terry Frost

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