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Readers Comments

Wow, we have a wonderful response to this film. This film has been the most popular page on the site for days, which has no film has done before.

Festivale will grow the way readers want it to, if you people would like to see a forum here, let us know.

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Feature, Titanic, a powerful voice from a watery grave

This film was my kind, a love story, a disaster, not something easily marketed. I love it. The effect it had on the audience was astounding. I heard and saw people weep, and this connected us all, like no film I've seen. This was a moving picture, of the tragedy, of the truth, of the majesty of the last great marvel of the Industrial Age. I wish I had words to describe it. I don't think anyone ever will. It was an art in itself. -- Mary Kay

After much anticipation, yesterday I made a 30 mile trek to the movies 14, to catch the first showing of the film Titantic I knew I was in for 3 and half hours.

I would like to say, that in 30 years of going to the cinema, Titantic made me laugh, angry, smile, and even cry. I don't think I have enjoyed an experience like before ever. The audience was perfect, and the film beautiful.I did not notice the time, i never looked at my watch once.Will see it again over and over.

Thank you James Cameron for Titantic -- Tom

As an avid film buff, I eagerly anticipated the release of Titanic and was amazed that the picture was even better than I had hoped. We haven't had a classic American epic of this scope in years, one so utterly entertaining and universally appealing that it bears comparison to..........(Mr . Cameron, quick grab some ice for your swelling head) Gone With the WInd. A sweeping period piece, an enthralling love story, a microcosm of human emotion and class divisions--all set against the backdrop of tragic world-event that everyone is familiar with and many are still fascinated by today. Add to this the meticulous recreation of a large-scale catastrophe-- replete with precision editing, art direction and costuming--and it adds up to one of the most visually stunning films Hollywood has ever produced.

I particularly enjoyed the framing device of of modern-day Rose recounting the story from her viewpoint, which endowed the film with a haunting quality--exactly what Mr. Cameron was aiming for, I'm sure. And although the dialogue might at times be termed "Hollywood hokey" (as could the suspense sequence of involving Jack's near-fatal handcuffing down below) these aspects are what separate great Hollywood storytelling from ordinary documentary. This is Hollywood filmmaking magic at its best. -- Jon ( rdhentrprs@aol.com)

I have never seen a movie that touched the heart and soul so much. Titanic made you feel like you were on the ship as it was sinking. You felt the love that Jack and Rose had and felt. I hardly cry at movies but Titanic was a big exception. I touches the heart and soul of all people. Jack and Rose seemed real I think because they had a love that everyone in this world dreams of having. Titanic truly is the best movie I have ever seen. I touches your heart in so many ways. -- Jasmine

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This movie was great. I went into it expecting a sad, sappy love story. I left with a great warm-fuzzy feeling.

Mary Miller

Titanic was by far the best movie I have ever seen. Every aspect of this movie displays what movies can really do. I must have been sobbing at least eight times during the film. The emotional intensity of this movie made me want ot cry even days after the movie was over. The acting of the two main characters was outstandingly terrific. I know that I will not forget this movie for my whole life.


Film was very long and I kept waiting for something to happen. How did a first class passenger have such easy access to third class and vice versa? Why would Moly Brown intermingle with the super rich if she was not welcomed (at same table? hard to believe especially if she was annoying.


The unsinkable Molly Brown as she was known was game for anything, a frontierswoman who became nouveau riche, and then achieved fame for the way she kept up the spirits of the others in her lifeboat. You might want to get out the film with Debbie Reynolds as Molly, which shows her crashing parties and more. Some of the 'minor' characters were based on documented stories from the time. - the kindly editor

Titanic was by far the best movie I have ever seen. I don't ever cry at a movie,but this movie brought me to tears

Bryan White

This film was beyond my expectations. I felt I was aboard the titanic. Living that voyage and the night of the sinking. Thumbs up, four stars, what a great film

Michael Tock

This is the best film I've seen since Braveheart. The film seems to fly by, for a movie thats 3 hours plus. The story is fantastic, with a great cast. I've seen this film 3 times already, and I'm going to see it many more. Hats off to James Cameron, for putting out one of the best films I've seen. Its a 10 in my book. <gr>

Jericho (jericho@frontiernet.net)

This movie is one of the best I've ever seen. I felt every emotion possible, love, anger, respect, wonder, and dispair. When Jack and Rose fell in love, I felt I had fallen in love too. As the ship sank, I felt I was on it. I had to hold myself back from weeping out loud. When the movie was over everyone claped, and had to stay seated through the credits (to get their bearing, and stop the flow of tears). I've seen it three times in two weeks, and plan on seeing it again tomorrow. This is the best piece of film making I've seen in a long time. It's wonderful to hear the comments on your web site,and to know people feel as strongly as I do. JILL

It was a GREAT movie!!..Everyone involved in making this movie has done a great job!. I never regret watching the movie..twice at the cinema!..It was a touching movie and teaches us a great deal about love and life. Congrats to James Cameron, Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate winslet...Bravo! to all those involved!!!


This was the best movie I have ever seen! It was incredible the way James Cameron touched his audience with the use of character development and special effects. The film has reached into my soul, I was amazed and dazzled. This movie is deserving of every award possible. I want to thank James Cameron and everyone who was a part of making this movie possible personally. They have raised the standards for any movie. It is a movie of a lifetime.

Sarah (Redgirl916@aol.com)

This must be one of the best, most moving films of all time. It triggered all sorts of emotions in me. I went into the cinema with no expectations, knowing only that the Titanic was some big ship that sank killing lots of people. But I liked the fact that this film focused not on the myopic tragedy that was the Titanic, but the love story between Jack and Rose that went so deep it dwarfed all others, including Romeo & Juliet, Catherine & Heathcliff, the Phantom & Christine.... It is defintely a must watch.

Jennifer Too (

I think that the movie Titantic was dabomb. It was not just a story of a ship reaching the great dept ocean floors but it was a true love story that was shared between Leo and Kate. Kate, being engaged to her bratty fiance, had fallen in love with Jack (Leo). They soon started to spend there time together and soon the other man became immensely jealous. The two, fighting over her, struggle through the sinking of the ship. Leo and Kate soon escape and float out to sea, waiting for someone to rescue them. Leo dies and right after he does, they come and rescue Kate. What a sad, most girls are sad at this piont because of what happened to Leo

Jeffrey Czech

I thought the movie was excellent. It did not seem like 3 hours and 15 minutes. I was so capitivated by what it must have been like to be on the Titanic that I read all about the history of the ship after seeing the movie. This movie is a definate must see.

Lyn C. (flocco@hotmail.com)

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very entertaining, you just watch and watch without realizing that it is a three hour movie .. an unforgettable piece beautiful music and visual effect a collection item !


This is the most emotional movie I have ever seen. I laughed, I cried, I got angry and I left feeling sad. It's all the more sadder because you knowwhat happens at the end. This movie really pulls at your heart strings and makes you question what you would do in the same situation. James Cameron is a genius!

Heather Araskiewicz

Titantic is one of the best films of the year, if not the best. This film is beautifully done, and the actors were superb. Kate Winslet did the most incredible performance I've seen. I am an inspiring actress, and would very much like to have a film career such as hers. Leonardo Dicaprio did a very good job as well....he portraid his character very well. All in all, this is a powerful and wonderful movie.....congrats to all who played in it. Billy Zane (wonderful, but wicked)... Kathy Bates (very well done, although a small part) and James Cameron......the best directing job......

Thanx for you time....Andrea****

Titanic is the absolute best movie of all time!!! -- Jennine Mac Neil

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