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Issue: Spring 2014

Private India (2014) book review

Murder in Mumbai

In Mumbai (once called Bombay) someone is killing women, strangling them with a yellow scarf. Private India is called in and negotiates a deal with the local police in which they investigate the crime and the police officer gets the credit.

This is the latest in one of James Patterson's franchises. Master private investigator Jack Morgan has set up elaborate, high-tech agencies throughout the world. This agency is hidden within a city of ageless beauties and terrible poverty.

Private India is a standard crime/thriller. It's setting and Indian characters gives the story additional interest, and provides the reader with something more than the Taj Mahal and countless call centres to imagine.

book cover, Private India, James Patterson & Ashwin Sanghi; 220x337

Private India by James Patterson & Ashwin Sanghi (2014), Random House

The pacing is even, but not break-neck. Jack Morgan appears and takes part in the conclusion, but this is the story of the Indian branch of his Private organisation.

Effective, but not a masterpiece, this is something for fans of the genre.

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