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Trilogies in three or more parts

This issue we begin looking at the series of Tanya Huff. Ms Huff is a Canadian author whose series include the Blood books, which inspired the television series Blood Ties, and the Valor series.

The Blood books feature a brash, nearly blind, female ex-homicide cop now investigating crimes with a supernatural twist. The Valor series also have a tough female protagonist, this time a space-faring warrior woman.

In The Usual Questions, we revisit some old friends, updating their answers and their photos.

For the Australia fans we include the answers of Mr Squiggle and his creator, puppetmaster Norman Hetherington.

Paul Collins, author, editor and publisher answers the questions and promises us that he will do some writer-wrangling to help collect more responses.

The Usual Questions index page has a list of the authors and actors participating in the project.

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Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny, paperback cover
Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny, paperback cover

In the Series Series we reprint Ali Kayn's serialised contribution originally published in Jack Herman's Forerunner fanzine. Roger Zelazny's Amber series was so popular that he got to the end of it and started again. Ali's article covers the first cycle, dealing with Prince Corwin. As the series progresses the vividly-written descriptions overwhelm the plot, however the early novels are well worth a visit.
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