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March 1997
Reviews in this issue:
Sense and Sensibility Diary, Emma Thompson Book awards
SBS Guide to Good Eating Websters are not the only ones who enjoy handing awards out to one another. Here are two sets of genre awards handed out locally.

Sisters in Crime Third Scarlet Stiletto Award
Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto 1st prize - Christina Lee, Luisa

Penguin Books Australia (2nd prize?) - Patricia Bernard, Back-Packer Princess

Cosmos Books & Music 3rd prize - Pam Morissey, A Matter of Habit

Angel Café Prize for the best story with a significant Lesbian content - Christina Lee, Luisa

Angel Café Prize for the best story with an over-50 protagonist - Pam Morrissey, A Matter of Habit

Allen & Unwin Young Writers' Award (under 25) Paige McDonald, Easy

Spinifex Press Award for the best story with a protagonist from an indigenous or non-English speaking background - Patricia Bernard, Back-Packer Princess

Sisters in Crime were responsible for the Death on the Internet feature, Spring 1996.

Aurealis Awards (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
I know Jack Dann & Kerry Greenwood received awards. When the list comes it, I'll post it - ed.

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