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Issue: May, 2016

Enjoy Su

Monsters and Good Thoughts

In Melbourne's central district buskers of all types abound. We have Ecuadorians playing the flute, faux bronze statues, the occasional digeridoo, and pavement artists.

Sitting on the footpath surrounded by samples of her work, a young woman sat painting.

Enjoy Su busking in Melbourne; 600x401

Enjoy Su, Swanston St, Melbourne

Enjoy Su, photograph courtesy of the artist; 232x308

Enjoy Su. All photographs courtesy of the artist.

She says:

I'm Enjoy Su, an illustrator from Taiwan. I love traveling, drawing and singing. I create Enjoy's wonderland which is my little sweet home.

There are many little monsters living in there. All of them have very different personalities and also have a positive idea.

I'm now busking, traveling around Australia and I'm curious about everything around and always willing to try something new.

Enjoy's Wonderland

Enjoy Su watercolour realise your dream; 270x210

I love watercolor painting, that's the main material I use.

I also love drawing characters, I matched them with positive quotes, by doing so, I can share positive thinking and some inner power then I can show people my paintings and also share good thinking at same time.

Enjoy Su, characters in watercolour; 480x480

I know one day I will become a butterfly, but I'm also enjoying being a caterpillar.


Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.
Cherish your time, make your best of life.

Enjoy Su, Watercolour cards; 284x216
Enjoy Su, watercolour card; 265x191
Enjoy Su, watercolour card; 265x191

I'm always wondering, how does it feel to ride on dolphin, and I can travel with dolphin to see the sea world and listen carefully of its breathing.

Enjoy Su, watercolour card; 480x347

In Monkey Mia (WA)I saw beautiful beaches and blue wild sky, I can feel the wind gentle and soft, but the most beautiful thing is that I've been the one who chosen to feed the dolphin. How lucky was I? I deeply believe that dolphins always bring luck whenever I see you, that's why I love to draw you so much:)


Chalk Drawing

Kidsorrow chalkboard by Enjoy Su, photo courtesy of the artist; 500

Kidsorrow café shop-blackboard wall painting-Taipei, Taiwan Feb 2014

Black board selection drawing winner-Taichung, Taiwan 2014 April

Enjoy Su Blackboard art; 270x191

(1)Black board- drawing draft

Enjoy Su blackboard art in progress; 270x191

(2) the beginning of drawing

Enjoy Su blackboard art in progress, photograph courtesy of the artist; 270x191

(3) coloring my wonderland

Enjoy Su, blackboard art, complete; 270x191

(4) finished [Enjoy's wonderland] chalk drawing

Enjoy's Wonderland; 512x385
Enjoy Su, monster; 112x141

Melbourne city is such a beautiful place.
Lovely people lives in Melbourne,
I love this wonderful place because
here is full of love and laughter.
Mother with kid, and his name is Miles,
he keeps smiling, I couldn't help to laugh,
it's really warm and sweet.
Wonderful family from QLD, asked me once I visit there, they can host me, we can share cooking and teach drawing, I'm so glad and really thankful their kindness.
Family, friends, lovers, kids all of the people make my day.
day by days.
I'm so greatful that I met you, and thank you for appreciate my art works, I will keep it up and make
more FUN and JOY to you :))

Enjoy Su in Melbourne; 500x379

Enjoy Su (Pei Chia Su)
Fans page: Enjoy's wonderland
Instagram: Enjoyillustration

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