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Spring, 1996

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Welcome to the first issue of Festivale, the Arts and Entertainment magazine.

Melbourne is a city of strange mixes, the old neoclassical buildings sit beside striking glass towers; in suburbs like South Yarra, the mansions of old money linger amongst the flats (apartment blocks for USAmericans) of transvestites, wanna-be writers and yuppies. The Melbourne cuisine is food-of-the-world. There's lots of Greek restaurants (Melbourne is the second largest Greek city in the world - only Athens has more), and Chinese, and Vietnamese, and French, and African, and Jamacian, and Aussie Bush Tucker, and Italian.

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria , the Garden State; it is home to the Melbourne Writers Festival, the Lygon Street Festa, the Chapel St Wine, Food and Fashion Festival, Moomba, the Melbourne Fringe Festival and more. It boasts a mighty art collection thanks in part to the Felton Bequest, housed in the National Gallery of Victoria .

The Victorian Arts Centre and its surrounding streets contain the College of the Arts, the High School for the Arts, the Performing Arts Museum, and the theatrical homes of the Victorian State Opera, the Melbourne Theatre Company, and more.

And of especial interest to the cyber-readership, Melbourne is home to the Victorian Government, who are providing support and encouragement to the multimedia and traditional cinema industries, rolling Film Victoria into Cinemedia.

Please let us know how we're doing. Hit rates are great, but letters are better.


… Ali Kayn

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