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Filmography of Actor Robert O'Reilly

Just the Facts:

Robert O'Reilly
Height: 6' Weight: 160lb
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond
Born: March 25, New York City

Gowron (image by Ian Gunn)
Gowron (artist: Ian Gunn)
Feature Films:
The Mask
The Whore
Under Surveillance
Desert Hawk

Movies of the Week
Desperado (Guest Star)
The Grand Tour
World War III
From Here to Eternity
Steel Collar Man
Tom Swift & Linda Craige Mystery Hour
The Tavern
Jail to Jungle
Television (selected list)
Star Trek: The Next Generation
(Gowron the Klingon leader)
Deep Space Nine (Gowron)
In the Heat of the Night (2 episodes)
Dark Justice (recurring role)
Murder She Wrote (2 episodes)
Cop Rock
Dallas (2 episodes)
The Equalizer (2 episodes)
Falcon Crest (2 episodes)
Max Headroom
Sledge Hammer
Hill Street Blues
Los Angles Theatre
Getting Out (also directed)
(nominated 4 LA Drama Critics' Circle Awards)
The Grapes of Wrath
(nominated 6 LA Drama Critic's Awards)
King Lear
The Martian Chronicles
(winner 5 LA Drama Critics' Circle Awards)
Fahrenheit 451
The Diary of Anne Frank
(nominated 5 LA Drama Critics' Circle Awards)
Billy Budd

Interview with Robert O'Reilly 1995

Robert O'Reilly answers The Usual Questions

See also: interviews with Majel Barrett Roddenberry, David Gerrold, Star Trek Movies

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