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October, 1996
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Kansas City
Mr Reliable
Sleepers (Ali)
Sleepers (J.D.)
Robert Altman's new film, Kansas City. Set in Jazz Age 1934 it is a highly controlled depiction of turbulent times.

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The backbone of the story is a jazz session (recorded live), with the battle of the saxes, musicians jamming and women doing Josephine Baker eye impersonations in the shimmying crowd. Cut into this is the story of a woman (Jennifer Jason Leigh) whose husband (Dermot Mulroney) is foolish enough to steal from the wrong people (Harry Belafonte) and her attempts to blackmail the rich and powerful into helping her to rescue him.
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During the telling Altman and co-scripter Frank Brahydt take time out to show teenage pregnancies, vote rigging, the status of black employees, and more.

The press releases would have you believe this is almost a female buddy film, and the male writers have included a scene with the 'girls' doing hair (sigh), but whether the writers wanted them to appear to or not, the female characters do not bond with one another. Ultimately we come out of the theatre asking 'why did she do it?'.

Watchable, interesting, but not a rollicking good time.

… Ali Kayn
For John Dillane's review of Kansas City, click here.

What's on about (Melbourne) town

"Don't get mad - get everything" Ivana Trump in The First Wives Club.

The best revenge is living well…

But for the first wives club (played by Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton), revenge is good too.

The First Wives Clubs is the story of three women whose spouses have left them for (younger) trophy girlfriends. This ensemble cast disappointed the gossip media by their lack of on-set tantrums and feuds.

Comedy, commencing October 24, 1996

Directed by Hugh Wilson; Produced by Scott Rudin

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