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Autumn 1997
(Filed March, 1997)

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National Screenwriter's Conference moves to metropolitan Melbourne
Mars Attacks!


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For filmmakers and would-be filmmakers, the National Screenwriters' Conference offers an opportunity to learn and to network.

I'm guessing that networking is the biggest draw to some of these events.

Here's is your chance to meet/hear Frank Moorhouse, Jane Mills (Directory of Screen Studies at AFTRS), Tim Watson-Munro (forensic psychologist, Daniel Scharf (producer of Romper Stomper and Metal Skin), Ian Forsythe from TAC and Alison Nisselle (Phoenix, Janus)

A big draw will be Jan Sardi, flushed with his success - Shine for which he is nominated for Best Original Screenplay in both the American Writers' Guild Awards and the Oscars™.

For more information: www.vicnet.net.au/~scripter
- by Ali Kayn
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