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July, 1998

Reviews this issue include: Got any spare shorts?
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Globe group is looking for short films to screen theatrically at its Globe Cinema Stanmore in Sydney. "No other cinema in Sydney screens short films on a regular basis", explains Globe Managing Director Richard Payten, "yet the short film as an art-form is thriving." If you have a short (needs to be 35mm) for consideration, contact Nicki Martin at Globe in Sydney on (02) 9332 2722.

Festivale has an increasing number of visitors checking out our reviews, but we don't just have reviews. Our contributors also produce cover stories. Mark Morrison, a writer who also develops computer games like The Dame was Loaded has written a piece on Hong Kong Cinema. Mark runs a site dedicated to the subject (see last month's A Reel Life for site details).

Tim Richards writes on Kundun while Pauline Laing visits the Cinema Nova and sits in on a Cry Baby session for parents with small children.

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If you are a teacher or parent of a child in year 5 or 6, you may want to check out the free class tours run at some of the Village Cinemas. Groups of 30 students (with two accompanying adults) are divided into three smaller tours and taken through the Ticket Box, Bio Box and Auditorium. They are treated to a combination of practical business information, cinematic history and demonstrations of different sound systems. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn first hand how movies are screened. Designed to provide a resource for teachers of media and visual communication studies, these tours can be supplemented with activities inspired by materials provided prior to the tour by Village. Children can, for example, create posters for upcoming films and have them displayed in the foyer of the cinema for their visit.

For more information, contact the manager of your nearest Village theatre.

We keep all our previous A Reel Life articles on file, use the heading at the top of this page to click through previous months.

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