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Festivale Spring 1997

2 days in the valley

Teri Hatcher. She was great fun as Penny Parker, she was gutsy as Lois Lane, and she played a transporter operator quite nicely thank you. So I was willing to go along and see Two Days.

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Two Days has the feel of a post-graduate film. It is almost worthy. It has that certain rhythm, that feel, that one sees in a lot of Australian films. It's hard to define, it isn't that it is amateurish, more that it is one step away from laboured. It is a bit like the unreal rhythm of stage acting, that delivery that feels great, but is out of place in life. The acting is fine, the structure is fine, the pacing is fine, but this is one step away from esoteria.

Hatcher plays a hard-bodied skier with an ex-husband who can't understand the word no. James Spader plays a killer-for-hire who has his own agenda. The film has characters. Their motivation is established. Only one is sort of left hanging at the end of the film. Perhaps too many "I"s were dotted and "T"s were crossed.

I think this is supposed to be a comedy, but it is a guys film. The men in the audience laughed quite a bit, the women twice.

If I could get the running time of this film credited back into my life span, I'd ask for it.

This is a guy film. Ladies -- go see Men in Black instead.

Ali Kayn

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Just the facts:

Title: 2 days in the Valley
Written by: John Herzfeld  
Directed by: John Herzfeld  
Produced by: Tony Amatullo (executive), Jim Burke (co-producer), David Gaines (associate), Mindy Marin (associate), Terry Miller (associate), Herb Nanas, Keith Samples (executive), Jeff Wald  
Edited by Jim Miller, Wayne Wahrman  
Director of Photography: Oliver Wood  

The Players: Teri Hatcher, Jeff Daniels, Marsha Mason, Danny Aiello, Greg Cruttwell, James Spader

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