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Movie Poster, Ulee's Gold (signed by Peter Fonda)

Ulee's Gold

There's a kind of laid back, country folk, take your time speed that exists outside the cities. It's bred of necessity: the slowness, but regularity of the seasons, the uncertainty, the back-breaking, heart-breaking work that can either break or make your soul and your spirit.

When Ulee's Gold begins we meet a man -- Ulysses Jackson (Fonda). Slowly but surely, we enter his house, we meet his kids, and we sits a spell, and we watches; and piece by piece his life and his problems unfold. His problems are the same as most family's -- rebellious teenagers who frighten us with their lack of protection, innocent children whom we try to shelter from harsh reality, and the daily grind of putting food on the table.

Movie Still, Ulee's Gold, Festivale film reviews We see all these things. We meet and learn about Connie (Patricia Richardson) as Ulee does, we discover how much trouble there is for his family as he does, and writer/director Victor Nunez forces us to respond as Ulee does, monumentally, with determination, and luck, and a belief that there is a trick to survival, but that one can be a good person and find the trick.

Ulee came back from Vietnam, with it's guns and the death and the bloody, brightly-lit violence and speed of war. Can Ulee beat home town violence with the stolid, endurability of his beloved swamps?
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Movie still, Ulees Gold, Festivale film revwIt's the question you might ask about the film. If it doesn't have a car chase at the end, can it be an adventure? If it doesn't have screaming, wailing voices, is the film a drama?

If you haven't got the patience to sit and watch the colours turn in the countryside, and to appreciate the smoothness of twilight becoming sunset, and sunset darkening into night, then you may not have the patience for this film. But if you are willing to sit, and wait, and let the film unfold, then this will become a favourite that you can return to again and again.

Definitely one to add to your library.

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Just the facts:

Title: Ulee's Gold
Written by: Victor Nunez.
Directed by: Victor Nunez.
Produced by:
Edited by Victor Nunez.
Cinematographer: Victor Nunez

The Players: Peter Fonda, Patricia Richardson, Tom Wood and Christine Dunford
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