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Festivale Spring 1997

Return to the Titanic (again). This time with director James Cameron (The Abyss, Terminator 2, True Lies) at the helm.

This film has been delayed several times, but this is not unusual for a Cameron film.

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This film is doing huge box office figures, and here in Festivale's little corner of the world it's doing MONSTROUSLY TITANIC business. We have never had a film review that took top page honours, and it has help the top place for well over a week now. Readers comments are coming in a steady stream, which doesn't often happen, sadly. This film has obviously hit a nerve.

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Writer/Director James Cameron talks about making Titanic in our feature (see the studio portraits of the stars)
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Don't forget to read some of the comments our readers have sent, which are published below.
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Your kindly editor (Ali) would love to put up a review herself, but with everyone else's comments, this seems a bit like overkill. So I'll refrain from comments, except that DiCaprio was better than I expected, and that you're mad if you see this at a small screen theatre. Given the opportunity, go see it on a really big screen.

We saw this at Village Crown, a tacky setup with a heap of small theatres at the back of a games parlour (no chairs for waiting customers). They have a Gold Pass $50 a seat theatre, goodness only knows what people think spending $50 and having to get to the private theatre through a barrage of techno-games and greasy pimply teenagers.

The staff are excellent, but the quality of the prints (or focus) is not good, and there are often reasons for complaint with the audio. With Titanic there were times when the dialogue had such a distinct echo that one could hear the lines twice. This could be the print, or it could be the theatre, however, I've had sessions where we had to go out and ask for sound, because we do like our soundtracks on them new-fangled talkies.

Ali Kayn

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Just the facts:

Title: Titanic (1997)
Written by: James Cameron
Directed by: James Cameron
Produced by: James Cameron Pamela Easley (associate) Al Giddings (co-producer); Grant Hill (co-producer); Marty Katz; Jon Landau; Sharon Mann (co-producer); Rae Sanchini (executive)
Edited by: Conrad Buff; James Cameron; Richard A. Harris
Director of Photography: Russell Carpenter 

Titanic Film Review
Official Website

For this portrait and more, go to our feature
The Players: Leonardo DiCaprio; Kate Winslet; Billy Zane; Kathy Bates; Bill Paxton
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