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The Very Thought of You movie review

All for One: The Very Thought of You

They're just three friends who fall in love -- with the same woman.

Sometimes a film surprises you. I slipped into a 9:00 pm session of The Very Thought of You and discovered a nice, fun film that passed the time well.

All right, it's three guys and a girl, but this delightful comedy is filled with twists and turns that enhance our understanding of the characters as well as amusing us with a story of burgeoning love and the usual 'triumph of the human spirit' story.

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Some films could be set just about anywhere (and are) without much affect. This film is firmly placed in Britain, ably playing off the confused American 'everyone' against three very different Brits.

Joseph Fiennes is a angst-ridden ex-bridge champion who ekes out his living teaching little old ladies how to play. Rufus Sewell is the struggling actor with a bad case of anxiety, he is as afraid of life as of success. Their successful friend Tom Hollander is a highly successful recording executive who is the first to meet our heroine.

Monica Potter plays a young woman who takes her last few dollars to fly to Britain and a new life. She encounters each of the men in turn as she wanders through the film trying to find a new direction for her life. The story is told in a series of flashbacks, disjointed, but emminently satisfying and interesting.

This is not the usual fight for the girl story, each of the men is defined by the way he relates to the woman, and her character is revealed by the way she relates to them.

Absolutely worth the time and money.

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Due for Australian release May 6, 1999
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Just the facts:

Title: Very Thought of You (1999)
Written by: Peter Morgan
Directed by: Nick Hamm
Produced by: Grainne Marmion
Edited by: Michael Bradsell
Director of Photography: David Johnson
running time:
rating: M15+

The Players: Joseph Fiennes, Monica Potter, Rufus Sewell, Tom Hollander, Ray Winstone
Official website: n/a
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