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A Reel Life film section

Spring 2008

The Wackness (2008) movie review

Dead Beat Dreariness

Note the tagline:

Sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing

The end justifies the means is a maxim for those who put thought into their choices -- people who consider that justice and morality are in conflict with law and custom. But what cost 'the wrong means'?

The Wackness has no heroes, merely protagonists. The chief protagonist is a teenage drug dealer with the crush on a teenage girl.

Movie poster, The Wackness; Festivale film review

Movie poster, The Wackness
Sometimes it's right to do the wrong things.

Like graffiti on concrete berms this movie is occasionally colourful, loud, toys with artistic pretensions, and worships at the altars of hormone-dripping self-interest, conscience-less destructiveness and arrogant claims of entitlement.

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by Ali Kayn
Due for Australian release 13 November 2008
For credits and official site details, see below

Just the facts:

Title: The Wackness (2008)
Written by: Jonathan Levine
Directed by: Jonathan Levine
running time: 95 mins

The Players: Ben Kingsley, Mary-Kate Olson

Official website:
IMDb entry

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