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As of February-March, 2010 we have been adding 'add this' buttons on all our pages, which enable you to link from your site, facebook, blog or similar to a particular page.

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These are the guidelines for linking to Festivale. If you want to have a link on Festivale, you need to request that link from the editor . For information on our inexpensive graphical advertisements/links, check the advertising page.

For instructions on how to bookmark Festivale, go to the help on bookmarking page.

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How to link to Festivale Really useful hint:
Remember that you can use your Windows clipboard to copy code into your HTML source page, just select the text section, hit <CTRL-C>, go to your editor and hit <CTRL-V>. If you are using WordPerfect, MS Word or similar, remember than you have to be in "reveal codes" or "view, source" to copy HTML code directly into your documents.

Our link code includes the image buttons. To save the images to your computer, point to the image and right-click with your mouse.

Code to link to Festivale's front page:

If you are working in HTML/ASCII code (for example, with notepad or NoteTab Pro), this is the code for using our button in your link.

<A HREF="http://www.festivale.info/index.htm"><IMG SRC="http://www.festivale.info/pics/icons/festivale_button.jpg" WIDTH="80" HEIGHT="80" BORDER="1" Alt="Go to Festivale online magazine"></A>

This points to: "http://www.festivale.webcentral.info/index.htm"

Code to link to Festivale's movie section:

<A HREF="http://www.festivale.info/film/reellife.htm"><IMG SRC="http://www.festivale.info/pics/icons/reellife_button.gif" WIDTH="80" HEIGHT="46" BORDER="2" Alt="Go to Festivale online magazine"></A>

This points to: "http://www.festivale.info/film/reellife.htm"

Code to link to Festivale's movie index:

<A HREF="http://www.festivale.info/indices/festrvus.htm"><IMG SRC="http://www.festivale.info/pics/icons/movies_button.jpg" WIDTH="80" HEIGHT="46" BORDER="2" Alt="Go to Festivale online magazine"></A>

This points to "http://www.festivale.info/indices/festrvus.htm"

Code to link to Festivale's book section:

<A HREF="http://www.festivale.info/books/bookroom.htm"><IMG SRC="http://www.festivale.info/pics/icons/bookroom_button.jpg" WIDTH="80" HEIGHT="46" BORDER="2" Alt="Go to Festivale online magazine Bookroom"></A>

This points to "http://www.festivale.info/books/bookroom.htm"

Code to link to Festivale's Pictorial Guide to Melbourne and Victoria:

<A HREF="http://www.festivale.info/guide/index.htm"><IMG SRC="http://www.festivale.info/pics/icons/guide2.jpg" WIDTH="80" HEIGHT="80" BORDER="2" Alt="Go to Festivale's pictorial guide to Melbourne and Victoria"></A>

This points to "http://www.festivale.info/guide/index.htm"

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