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Writing Blaster is tested for us by Tara Keher. Tara's father tells us that Writing Blaster proved very sucessful in actually encouraging Tara to write her own stories.

The learning system used by over five million students.

Join Blasternaut, galactic Commander and Spot at the Galactic Academy, where you will find hundreds of ways to express yourself with the digital desk - a word processor and paint box rolled in to one.

(Well that's what it says on the box. What do you get? A few hours of quiet as they find their way around 'Writing blaster'. Then they find out what it can do and you will know it as they learn new ways of expressing themselves. And ways the computer can express their ideas for them. Writing Blaster comes with a range of voices that can read back stories typed into it.-- Tara's Dad)

Homework class Oh no! Change it to say YES, because you can now do your homework on the computer. So homework is now good, not bad. So get WRITING BLASTER. But it's American, it talks American, but it is still good you can choose BORDERs that you like from animals to letters. And you can choose pictures from dinosaurs to bugs. You can write stories, letters, make cards all sorts of things you can imagine.

By Tara Keher.

Product Name Writing Blaster
Publisher Davidson
Version/ Release  
Australian Distributor Dataflow
Language English
Operating System PCWindows 3.1, 3.11 or Windows 95; Macintosh: System 7.5.1 or later
Target Audience 6-9 yr. old

System Requirements (Minimum):IBM/Compatible: 486DX/666 MHz (Pentium recommended), 16 MB RAM, 10 MB Hard Disk free, 2x CD-ROM drive, SVGA Monitor and graphics card (256 colours Only), 16 bit sound card, a mouse and a microphone & printer recommended.
Macintosh: Power PC, 16 MB RAM, 10 MB Hard Disk free, 2x CD-ROM drive, 256 colour monitor, speakers, mouse and a microphone & printer recommended.
Release Media: CD-ROM

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