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Deep Space Nine Voiceprint Software

Yes, it's another attempt to separate you from your money. Some time ago I looked at the Star Trek screen saver. Now, although it had a certain amount of gratutitous cuteness, it also had some very nice functionality. Similarly, with the Deep Space Nine (DS9) Voiceprint software there is some real functionality beneath the glitz.

I tried to run this with a new microphone on my ProAudio Spectrum (PAS-16) and with some else's Soundblaster card, but the mike was unhappy. So I tried it on the machine we use to develop web sites. The mike worked fine. By the way - if you want to make a webmaster REALLY nervous, let him think you are locking up the machine with voice-identification.

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The software installed quite simply, although you did need to be observant because the icon is dropped into your task bar in Windows 95. A word of warning, however, the software is time-bombed and you must register the software or it won't run.

Training the software was straightforward. You simply read a few sentences into the mike. The sampling software enables you to make any statement in order to identify yourself when you log on. So you don't have to worry about forgetting your password. If you have a cold or for any reason the machine can't identify you by voice there is also a password over-ride.

You can set up several people on your machine and with the voiceprint software protect files and lock some users out of software. Yes, you guessed it, this can be used to restrict net access or access to games.

The Star Trek graphics and sound bytes are a combination of graphics and photographic images. You have choices ranging from the Ferengi Currency Exchange to Quark's bar to Odo's security.

So, if you are going to have security on your machine, why not have a bit of a sense of humour while you're at it?

… Ali Kayn, September, 1996
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