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Winter 1997

News and Reviews about products for creating, browsing and sharing web pages

Reviews in this issue:

Wrambling on

Here's some of the highlights from recent press releases.

Checking for missing links? NetMechanic (www.netmechanic.com ) is a free online Web site maintenance service. Internet robots scamper through your site starting from the requested URL testing each link, then sends an e-mail report to you.

The service will check sites of up to 200 pages. For more information E-mail them.

Want to charge people for content on your site? Sausage Software introduce eVend, which enables the webmaster to charge for sections of the site, even down to individual image files. (Review to come, see below.) For more information, e-mail them.

Vantage Services, Inc. ("VSI") has expanded its Full Service program to provide Visa and MasterCard processing for Internet merchants worldwide. Merchants anywhere can offer credit card payment for goods and services to their clients without bank qualification. Contact them by e-mail.

The most important difference between the two products is that Sausage Software is targeting content providers and Vantage is targeting merchandisers.

And still selling stuff on the web, AuctionBoard Personal Edition enables anyone to run their own auctions at AuctionBoard or within their own website, without programming, using AuctionBoard's SecureAuction(tm) technology.

AuctionBoard charges a listing fee and commission for the service. Sellers can enter their products for auction immediately. For more information e-mail them.

Using keywords to navigate the web.

This system sounds a bit like registering proxis or nicknames to me. Keywords are very different, but who am I to argue when computer people grab a likely-sounding term. GoKeyword.com, has developed a new keyword navigation system for the Internet and are now registering 'keywords' (SCREAM! this terminology is annoying me!)

Trademark holders and registered companies are advised to run, don't walk to www.gokeyword.com/keyword/ and protect their own.

Once registration is open to the general public, there will be no fee, but each site will be limited to one free keyword. Additional keywords will be available at the twenty-five dollar fee. Generic keywords that will be resolved by giving it to the highest bidder starting at $200. You can e-mail them.

Now, I don't know about you people, but I would rather that Microsoft and Netscape and their ilk introduce a nicknames function in the browsers so that we can build reasonably large address books (categorised) rather than their current piddling little bookmark/favourites options. What's your opinion?

Protecting intranets The TrustedWeb beta is now available for free download. TrustedWeb is a product to protect and monitor corporate Intranets against unauthorized use from both inside and outside the organization. Contact by e-mail.

The number of friends you e-mail getting out of hand? "Whether it's a list of friends to send jokes to, a business mailing list to announce new products, or a moderated discussion group list, Coollist makes it easy to manage email lists," said Alex Heng of Coollist. "We service everyone from individuals to large corporations." FREE service. Contact by e-mail.

The following software has been received for review, if you would like to be notified when the review is filed, click on the product name and then register your e-mail address.

Hot Dog 3.0 - HTML editor

Hot Dog Express - HTML editor (entry level)

eVend - Internet Retailing software, enables webmasters to charge for content -- even on a file by file basis if required.

Ali Kayn, June, 1997
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