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Guidebook features My Sydney
My Sydney

by Paul A. Pittas ... continued

Sydney is also a tourist's dream, with a vast myriad of sights to be seen and experienced by the visitor and resident alike. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are of course the definitive features of Sydney itself and form an important part of the reputation of Sydney Harbour as being the most beautiful in the world. A title well deserved. These sights in particular invoke feelings of awe at the forces of human effort and creativity through which they were born. To take in the view, it's best to take a ferry ride.

While you're on the ferry, it's a good idea to drop by Circular Quay, an energetic strip of wharves, restaurants and other such things, where one can be regaled by the many street performers or just walk around absorbing the sea air. One of the City Circuit train stations is located here as well, which makes it extra convenient. The Royal Botanical Gardens are another great Sydney sight, a favourite for joggers, bicyclists or anyone who feels like a doze in the sun.

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The Rocks district is a very charming area of the city. On Sundays there is a market and the 'Village Square' as it is known, comes alive with an almost Bohemian atmosphere. This part of the city is jam packed with exotic restaurants as well as many mongers of the finest of contemporary Australian cuisine.
The Rocks, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Rocks, Sydney

Really touristy things to do would include visits to the Sydney Aquarium, or Maritime and Powerhouse Museums, which are very amusing for the kids and actually interesting for adults as well.

Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Darling Harbour
Other points of interest would be the enormously impressive Imax Theatre at ultra-commercial Darling Harbour and the Taronga Park Zoo, which is really a wonderful place to visit and should be allotted at least an entire day.

Outside of the actual city, a good place to visit is the FOX studios, which apart from being an actual film production studio, is also Australia's latest theme park (And after Luna Park's untimely departure from public life, Sydney's one and only).

In short, Sydney is that hip and happening place that acts as a kind of unplugged drain, sucking in all sorts to the very heart of its sometimes seedy but always fun atmosphere. Pass a greased up yuppie yapping on his mobile one minute but then turn a corner and be enveloped by a herd of boa-bearing sequinned drag queens. Whatever Sydney may or may not be, it is, at the very least, unforgettable.

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