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Art Deco Walk of Melbourne (Festivale online magazine feature)
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Collins Street, Melbourne

Kurrajong House, 175-177
Melbourne Theosophical Society 181-187
Manchester Unity, 220-226
Century Building, 125-133
Newspaper House, 247-249
Howey House, 234-238
Kodak House, 252
Block Court, 288

Kodak House Kodak House and Howey House

A pair of Art Deco buildings, slim and strongly vertical. Howey House has the original name still in place above an arched window.

It features a Spanish terracotta hipped roof with attic window. Five years later, Kodak house was built, with its stainless steel a subtle reminder of Kodak's silvery income source.
16 on the walk

17 on the walk

13 on the walk Century Building Century Building
The architect of the Manchester Unity building also worked on Century Building In this case the tower has a bell-like feel to it. The tower is less reminiscent of church architecture, but not obviously functional.

Newspaper House

A competition decided the design of this building. It s a more human, decorative building for the Herald & Weekly Times Newspaper Group who now have an anonymous brown tower in Southbank.

Clad with sandstone ashlar.

The glass mosaic is by Napier Waller.

15 on the walk

Newspaper House

Block Court Block Court

A shopping arcade, Block Court was built into an existing building to link Collins Street with the Block Arcade in Elizabeth Street. The polychromatic terrazzo floor is a feature.

18 on the walk

12 on the walk Manchester Unity Manchester Unity
This building contrasts against its near-neighbour the Century Building. It is an example of the Grand Commercial Gothic style, and featured modern innovations such as steam heat, mail an rubbish chutes.
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