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Art Deco Walk of Melbourne (Festivale online magazine feature)

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Queen Street, Melbourne

Alkira House, 18 Queen St
National Trustees Executors, 93-95
Australian Assurance Co Ltd (ACA), 188-126

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Alkira House Alkira House
Industrial glass blocks framed with green tiles provides natural light to the stairs. Fins rise over the parapet and lock onto the facade. The facade is made of glazed black faience blocks with contrasting white mortar points. Note the flagpole that surmounts the building.

This building is an example of the Art Deco period's love affair with geometric shapes and mosaic.

19 of the walk

This building combines a typical Art Deco entrance with Gothic-style balustrades and screens. 21 on the walk National Trustee Executors Agency

National Trustee Executors Agency

ACA Building

This building is still used by the original business and is largely intact. Features include fins and a central block that terminates in a squat tower.

ACA Building

(Australian Assurance Co. Ltd)

ACA Building

21 of the walk

Map of the Art Deco Walk; Collins Street, Bourke Street, List of Walk

Ali Kayn
May 1997


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