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Crayola , by Alex Keher
Writing Blaster , by Tara Keher
Rockett's New School , by Alex Keher

Movie reviews include: Paws, Anastasia, Good Burger; The Little Mermaid

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British Library collection
Australian National Library
Trusty the high-tech hedgehog
National Geographic astronomy
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World Weather

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Sesame Street site
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Lost City of Alexandria

Enid Blyton's Famous Five (ITV series)

The Royal Institute of British Architects Journal (RIBAJ) and the Museum of London think that the Christmas lights should reflect London¹s status as a capital and world class city, and have commissioned ten of Britain’s best architects to design alternatives to illuminate a stretch of Oxford Street. A number of these designs are on display at the Museum's website (http://www.museum-london.org.uk) and at the Museum of London from 25 November 1997 until 4 January 1998.

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