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Issue: Spring 2013

Thankless in Death (2013) book review

Everybody Hates Him

For New York police detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her fabulously rich and gorgeous husband Roarke the past couple of years have been eventful. They have stopped serial killers and clone masters and more while coming to grips with the marriage between two people with harsh pasts.

Thankless in Death is set in November 2060, close at the heels of their last adventure and this time they are chasing a spree killer who is out to revenge himself over perceived grudges.

After more than two years their partnership, he as an occasional civilian consultant with super-hot computer skills, and she as an excellent murder cop leading a team of detectives, is about to be officially recognised by the department and the city's politicos. It is both embarrassing and satisfying.

book cover, Thankless in Death by J D Robb (Nora Roberts); 220x332

Thankless in Death by J D Robb (Nora Roberts) (Sept 2013)

Writing under the pseudonym J D Robb, Nora Roberts displays her trademark simple-but-effective writing style, humour, and sex scenes in this fast-paced race to save lives, catch the criminal, and do it all in time for a big family Thanksgiving.

Maintaining a series over so many books and keeping it consistent is a difficult task, but Roberts achieves it. She creates a richly-detailed near future with characters that we come to know and love. Setting the episodes close upon each other's heels helps with the sense of action and pace and prevents Eve and Roarke from descending to the domesticity of kitch and kinder that Roberts loves so much in her romance series.

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Ali Kayn
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