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April, 1998

Reviews this issue include:

Oscar Rules
Good Will Hunting
Great Expectations
Leave it to Beaver
Lost in Space
Mercury Rising
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He's just a little golden eunuch, but he sure wields power. Festivale would like to congratulate all the nominees and winners, and all those strong-bladdered individuals who sat through the whole thing in the auditorium. How about this for a job: did you know that there are 'seat fillers'? People whose job is to sit in seats wearing their formal best, NOT talk to the people beside them unless spoken to, and watch the proceedings until the seat's rightful owner claims it?

Yep. What a job. Some get to fill an unclaimed seat all night, others get to fill a winner's seat until the backstage interviews are completed. Tough job.

Festivale Critics Choice

As for our own awards, for which there is as yet no cute name, the Festivale critics choice for 1997 is The Game written by John Brancato & Michael Ferris, directed by David Fincher. Also nominated by the critics in 1997 were Romeo + Juliet and Fire. Titanic was a clear winner with the readers, generating more reader response, and traffic, than any other film, and so it is the Festivale Readers Choice for 1997.

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