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Small Soldiers movie review
Small Soldiers

Live action and computer animation are used to tell the tale of a battle between toy prototypes.

If you love your Barbie doll you may not want to see the things they do to the female dolls in this movie. Small Soldiers is a battle between the Commando Elite and the Gorgonites. It is basically about good verses bad but with a few twists and a bit of comedy. Good is not necessarily bad and bad is not necessarily good. The movie is set in a small suburban township some where in American. When you include the musical sound track and you get a very American type patriotic movie.

Barbie doll warrior queens in Small Soldiers, Festivale movie review -- smsoldiers4.jpg - 18753 Bytes

Producer Michael Finnell and Joe Dante collaborated with their teams to bring this movie to life. Using state of the art technology usually limited "Action Dolls" become independent, thinking, moving fighting machines. These "Action Figures " were designed by Stan Winston (four times Academy award winner) and his team from Stan Winston Studios. Stan and his team ultimately brought Small Soldiers to life

The special visual effects and animation were done by Stefen Fangmeier (visual effects supervisor) David Andrews (animation supervisor), Kim Bromley and Ellen Poon (Visual Effects). They, along with a dedicated team of puppeteers controlling each figurine's every move. While people like Ken Pepiot and Gerald Moss were able to let their imaginations go wild in creating the "assault vehicles" from everyday hold materials.

You may be able to recognize some of the voices to the toys. There include Tommy Lee Jones (Chip Hazard), Frank Langella (Archer), Ernest Borgnine (Kip Killagan), Jim Brown (Butch Meathook) to name a few. The human stars include Kirsten Dunst (Christy Fimple), Gregory Smith (Alan Abernathey), Jay Mohr (Larry Benson), The late Phil Hartman) - his last movie before he died. Kevin Dunn (Stuart Abernathy), to name a few.

It is a movie that may be aimed at young lad but I think the girls will like it too. Worth the 107 minutes of running time.

- June

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When toys come to life, it's up to the kids to help save the world
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Chip Hazard
Small soldiers is a good movie to go see, it's a movie for people who like to see toy soldiers and monsters came to life . It started off with a man named Larry (Jay Mohr) who puts a 'X1000' (micro chip) into some toy soldiers, which brings them to life. These chips were made for the USA Defence Forces. In this story the twist is the soldiers are on the bad side and the monsters are on the good side of things. As a boy named Alan (Gregory Smith) helped the monsters fit the soldiers win the battle, if I tell more I will be give it a way.

S: 10/10 by Alex Keher

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Just the facts:

Title: Small Soldiers (1998)
Written by: Ted Elliott, Zak Penn, Adam Rifkin, Terry Rossio, Gavin Scott  
Directed by: Joe Dante
Produced by: Paul Deason (co-producer), Michael Finnell, Walter F. Parkes (executive), Colin Wilson
Edited by: Marshall Harvey  
Director of Photography: Jamie Anderson
running time: 107 mins.

The Players: Jonathan Bouck, David Cross, Kevin Dunn, Kirsten Dunst, Archie Hahn, Phil Hartman, Tommy Lee Jones as the voice of Chip Hazard, Gregory Smith, Kirsten Dunst, Kevin Dunn, Phil Hartman, Denis Leary, Ann Magnuson, Wendy Schaal, Jay Mohr, David Cross, voice of Tommy Lee Jones, voice of Frank Langella
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