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Wild Wild West movie review

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Wild Wild West

If you ever saw the original TV series done in the seventies, this film maintains the flavour of the series without being exactly as good as the original.

Will Smith (as James West) and Kevin Klein ( as Artemus Gordon) work well as individuals, but do not, I believe they work well together. There was not the byplay or the respect for each other's abilities that appeared in the original series, here it always appeared that they were trying to upstage each other.

However, the ending scenes did indicate that this was their first mission together and that this was how the Secret Service was started, but even so, it still did not work as well as I had hoped.

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Don't get me wrong, it was a fun movie, the action, while telegraphed in places, was none the less good and in some instances, scenes early in the film were there to explain scenes that occurred later. This was nicely done and, other than our heroes surviving some rather large falls, worked well.

Then again, given the premise of the original series, the course of events that took/take place in this time period bear very little resemblance to OUR reality and this is what lends the show its appeal. A few of the devices depicted could not be made even with the level of technology that we currently have, much less close to 100 years ago, but who said this was reality!

In many cases it is possible to "suspend belief" long enough to enjoy the show given, however, as mentioned above, the two lead characters do not always play well against each other.

Given the premise of an action adventure film, it works well on that level. There are more than sufficient bangs for your buck as assorted bits and people get blown up, bullets fly, and the obligatory well endowed and scantily clad women fill the screen. However, do not underestimate the scantily garbed women, they can do quite a bit of damage while looking demure!!

Gordon and West are teamed together by the President of the USA in order to track down the disappearance of quite a number of well respected scientists that have been disappearing from all over the world. Neither is particularly thrilled with the prospect as they have had their clash just before winding up Washington to meet the President.

They are told to work together and resolve the problem, to assist, they are given a special train to assist them in getting to where they need to be and give them all the weapons and disguises they need. The train is fun, especially with Gordon telling West not to touch things and West ignoring them, to his embarrassment and Gordon's amusement.

In the end, after numerous scrapes, escapes and landings in confinement, they get their man, or so it appears, the scientists are rescued, the diabolical plans are foiled and our two heroes are left stranded in the desert because the President needs his train.

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Due for Australian release Sep-1999
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Just the facts:

Title: Wild Wild West (199)
Written by: Story by Jim Thomas & John Thomas, screenplay by S. S. Wilson & Brent Maddock and Jeffrey Price & Peter S. Seaman
Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld
Produced by: Jon Peters, Barry Sonnenfeld, Bill Todman Jr, Joel Simon, Kim LeMasters, Tracy Glaser, Barry Josephson
Edited by: Jim Miller
Director of Photography: Michael Ballhaus
running time:

The Players: Will Smith, Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh, Salma Hayek
Official website: www.wildwildwest.net
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