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Series Series presents

Kerry Greenwood Other Series

Ancient Greece and a Post-Apocalyptic Australia

Kerry Greenwood is perhaps best known for her Jazz Age detective Phryne Fisher, but she has written and edited a wide range of material including the two series and other work listed here.

2013 Interview with Kerry
1998 Featured interview with Kerry
Kerry answers the usual questions
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The Series Series

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photograph of Kerry Greenwood, bibliography page; 240x342

Kerry Greenwood

See also:

The Phryne Fisher series
The Corinna Chapman (Earthly Delights) series

book cover, Whale Road by Kerry Greenwood
Whale Road, Kerry Greenwood

Set in post-apocalyptic Victoria, the SCA has survived and built a society based on their favourite medieval model.

Book 1: The Broken Wheel
Book 2: Cave Rats
Book 3: Whale Road (Reviewed by Richard Hryckiewicz.)
Book 4: Feral

book cover, Cassandra, by Kerry Greenwood (Delphic Women series); 90x140
Delphic Women Series, Kerry Greenwood

Delphic Women Series

Set in the ancient Greece of myth and legend, these stories recreate a world where gods and humans love, fight, and conspire.

Book 1: Cassandra (the fall of Troy) (see review)
Book 2: Electra (the Orestia)
Book 3: Medea (Jason and the Argonauts)

book cover, The Thing she Loves: Why Women Kill, edited by Kerry Greenwood
The Thing She Loves: Why Women Kill, Kerry Greenwood

The Thing She Loves: Why Women Kill

A collection of essays, including Australian case studies, of female murderers. This is an excellent resource for anyone in social service or legal professions, and interesting to crime buffs, but don't read it before a date. Festivale recommends that you read the Kerry Greenwood summation before you read all the individual entries. The other essays look at the problems. Kerry looks at the possible solution.

Reviewed by Ali Kayn

Official Website: www.phrynefisher.com

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