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Spider Robinson

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon / Stardance

Tales of Space and Time

Two successful series from the pen of Spider Robinson involve Callahan's place -- where everyone knows you're strange, and the futuristic Stardancers.

Sprider Robinson autograph

See also Spider Robinson's website:

submitted by Ali Kayn


Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

Time Travelers Strictly Cash

Callahan's Secret

Callahan's Lady

Lady Slings the Booze

The Callahan Touch

Off The Wall At Callahan's

Callahan's Legacy

Callahan's Con




Book cover, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, Spider Robinson; 88x140
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, Spider Robinson

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

The original set of short stories told in Callahan's. Classic science fiction.

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Book cover, Time Travelers (Travellers) Strictly Cash, Spider Robinson; 85x140
Time Travelers Strictly Cash, Spider Robinson

Time Travellers Strictly Cash

Human or otherwise, regardless of race, creed or dimension of origin, if you're looking for a good time in a place where the beer is always flowing, and the stories always out of this world, step up to the bar at Callahan's. There'll be tales--Oh, are there tales! Like the one about a loud-mouthed time traveler who capitalized on a rip in the space-time continuum; or the one about Ralph the talking, gin-drinking German Shepherd created by a demented genius shrink. But don't believe us. Ask Ralph. He'll tell you himself. Also don't forget to watch out for the deadly toasts--especially the Melba toast! And above all, remember...Time Travelers Strictly Cash. (source:

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Book cover, Callahan's Secret, Spider Robinson; 87x140
Callahan's Secret, Spider Robinson

Callahan's Secret

Callahan's Place is open for business, and all of the "regulars" are here--a talking dog, an alcoholic vampire, and two telepaths--enhancing their joys by drowning their sorrows. Everyone, that is, but Mickey Finn, a seven-foot tall alien in danger of enslavement at the hands of a traveller from across the galaxy...

Come inside, pull up a chair, order a drink, make a toast, and let Spider Robinson introduce you to the most unique patrons to frequent any establishment, at a bar where the most important law is "shared pain is lessened; shared joy is increased." And if there's time left at the end of the night, just maybe they'll save the world...

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Book cover, Callahan's Lady, Spider Robinson; 89x140
Callahan's Lady, Spider Robinson

Callahan's Lady

Welcome to Lady Sally's, the House that "is" a home -- the internationally (hell, interplanetarily) notorious bordello. At Lady Sally's House, the customer doesn't necessarily come first: even the staff are genuinely enjoying themselves.

Wife of time traveling bartender Mike Callahan, and employer of some of the most unusual and talented performing artists ever to work in the field of hedonic interface, Her Ladyship has designed her House to be an "equal opportunity enjoyer," discreetly, tastefully and joyfully catering to all erotic tastes and fantasies, however unusual. Like her famous husband, Lady Sally doesn't even insist that her customers be "human." long as they have good manners.

Small wonder, then, that she and her staff encounter beings as unique and memorable as the superhuman Colt, whose banner never, ever flags...Diana, the deadly dominatrix who "cannot" be disobeyed...Tony Donuts, the moronic man-monster even the Mafia doesn't want to mess with...or Charles, the werewolf with a distinct difference... (source:

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Book cover, Lady Slings the Booze, Spider Robinson; 84x140
Lady Slings the Booze, Spider Robinson

Lady Slings the Booze

Despite his employer's doubts that he is an authentic detective, Quigley is called in to investigate Lady Sally's establishment, a reputable place that caters to adults of all species and tastes. Lady Sally was the wife of the proprietor of Callahan's Place, the bar where human and other beings from all space and time come to cajole, drink, and occasionally save the world. The clientele and staff at Lady Sally's may have the same mission at hand, but now Quigley plays a significant part as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.... (source:

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Book cover, The Callahan Touch, Spider Robinson; 92x140
The Callahan Touch, Spider Robinson

The Callahan Touch

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Book cover, Off The Wall At Callahan's, Spider Robinson; 84x140
Off The Wall At Callahan's, Spider Robinson

Off The Wall At Callahan's

Off the Wall at Callahan's is a collection of epigrams, maxims, proverbs, observations, eye-watering puns, and original song lyrics distilled from the first five volumes of the Callahan's Place series (from Callahan's Crosstime Saloon to Lady Slings the Booze). After the original Callahan's Place was destroyed, all of these gems were painstakingly deciphered from blown-up old photos of the wall behind the bar, where Callahan let his customers scrawl graffiti in place of the usual mirror. So technically, every word is "off the wall." Further ennobled by numerous interior B&W illustrations by Phil Foglio, there are even capsule bios at the end for every person (real or imaginary) quoted in the graffiti section. (source:

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Book cover, Callahan's Legacy, Spider Robinson; 84x140
Callahan's Legacy, Spider Robinson

Callahan's Legacy

For years, Callahan's was the place where friends met to have a few drinks, tell a few jokes, and occasionally save the world. Until that unfortunate incident with the nuke a few years ago....

But Jake Stonebender and his wife have opened a new Callahan's, Mary's Place, and all the regulars are there: Doc Webster, Fast Eddie the piano player, Long Drink McGonnigle, and of course the usual talking dogs, alcoholic vampires, aliens, and time travelers. Songs will be sung, drinks will be drunk (and drunks will have drinks), puns will be swapped...and as a three-eyed, three-legged, three-armed, three-everythinged alien flashes through space toward the bar, it just might be time to save the world again....(source:

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Book cover, Callahan's Key, Spider Robinson; 84x140
Callahan's Key, Spider Robinson

Callahan's Key

The universe is in desperate peril. Due to a cluster of freakish phenomena, the United States' own defense system has become a perfect doomsday machine, threatening the entire universe. And only one man can save everything-as-we-know-it from annihilation.

Unfortunately, he's not available.

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Book cover, Callahan's Con, Spider Robinson; 84x140
Callahan's Con, Spider Robinson

Callahan's Con

Jake Stonebender's bar in Key West gets a visit from mafioso Tony Donuts, who is looking for "protection money". Jake and the barflies have other challenges as well, as when Jake's wife is suddenly lost in a space-time continuum...(source:

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Book cover, Stardance, Spider & Jeanne Robinson
Stardance, Spider Robinson & Jeanne Robinson


Shara Drummond goes to space, where her life is devoted to creating a weightless artform that is to dance as three dimensions are to two. Then aliens arrive, beings of pure light who dance forever between the stars. Their dancing is a form of communication as far beyond language as language is beyond the grunting of apes (source:

Now available in an omnibus edition, all three titles including the two below.

Buy Online Stardance (
Stardance Trilogy (

Book cover, Starmind, Spider & Jeanne Robinson; 87x140
Starmind, Spider & Jeanne Robinson


With the help of the benevolent Starmind, the planet Earth has finally achieved peace and prosperity, but a terrorist sect, threatened by the Starmind, plots to destroy it before the human race approaches its final evolution. (source:

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Book cover, Starseed, Spider & Jeanne Robinson
Starseed, Spider Robinson


When a personal tragedy destroys her hopes for fame as a dancer on Earth, Rain McLeod volunteers for the Starseed Foundation, a symbiotic lifeform that enables her to defy the laws of gravity in space.(source:

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