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Val McDermid Series Page

Best of British Crime/Kate Brannigan

Manchester-based Kate Brannigan is a working P.I. who likes to unwind playing computer games. She and her partner are ruled by their secretary/receptionist.

Brannigan's support system includes lesbian couple Alexis and Chris, and her rock journalist boyfriend Richard. She and Richard reconcile their different lifestyles and neatness-levels by owning adjoining terrace house linked by a greenhouse at the back.

Brannigan is smart and effective. She was an early example of the female private investigator in the same vein as Sara Paretsky's V. I. Warshawski. Ex-journalist McDermid has a clean writing style and researchs her stories well, giving them a veracity and sense of place that is the hallmark of good crime fiction.

book cover, Dead Beat, by Val McDermid
Dead Beat (1992), Val McDermid

Dead Beat

Jett, a friend of Richard Barclay, Kate's rock journalist mate, hires Kate to find his long-lost love and lyricist. She sees a chance to extend her firm's current work on counterfeit products into the lucrative field of rock rip-offs, so she makes the time to chase up Moira.

Six weeks later Moira is dead (you knew that would happen, yes?) and now Kate must find the person who killed Moira while juggling counterfeiters, Jett's snappish entourage, and 'plod' Clive Jackson.

Categories: crime, female private investigator (P.I.), murder / mystery / counterfeit / schneid

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book cover, Kick Back, by Val McDermid
Kick Back (1993), Val McDermid

Kick Back

Someone is stealing conservatories -- not the easiest thing to do. Brannigan investigates MCS (Missing Conservatory Syndrome). crime, female private investigator (P.I.), murder/mystery

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book cover, Crack Down, by Val McDermid
Crack Down (1994), Val McDermid

Crack Down

Brannigan met boyfriend Richard when he bumbled in the way of an investigation, but why not let him help a foolproof investigation.

She finds herself with Richard in jail, his eight-year-old, drug traffickers, child pornographers, fraudsters and violent enforcers. Categories: crime, female private investigator (P.I.), murder/mystery

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book covers, Clean Break, Val McDermid
Clean Break, Val McDermid

Clean Break (1995)

"I don't know much about art, but I know what I don't like. I don't like paintings that go walkabout after I've set up the security system."

Kate's partner is off in the Antipodes leaving her to find the Monet stolen out from under a client's newly-installed security system.

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book cover, Bue Genes, by Val McDermid
Blue Genes, Val McDermid

Blue Genes

Proving that science is stranger than fiction, Kate's friends Alexis and Chris need her help.

Reviewed by Ali Kayn in Festivale

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book cover, Star Struck, by Val McDermid
Star Struck (1998), Val McDermid

Star Struck

Brannigan must act as bodyguard to a diva from the local soap opera.

Meanwhile, will love take Bill from the firm, and can Kate make a go of it on her own?

This story draws on McDermid's own experiences as a journalist.

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Also by Val McDermid

book cover, A Suitable Job for a Woman, by Val McDermid
A Suitable Job for a Woman, Val McDermid

A Suitable Job for a Woman

The stories of real life female private investigators who Val McDermid has encountered in her travels and research A wonderful insight into the profession, not to mention some well-known cases.

Reviewed by Ali Kayn

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