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Anne McCaffrey's website

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Page 4: Talents (psychic, Rowan, tower)
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Anne McCaffrey Collections and Other Titles Series Page

Various Collections and Novels

This page lists some of McCaffrey's other work, including collections that she has participated in. A prolific writer, she has written romances as well as science fiction / fantasy.

We haven't listed all of her work on these pages, there are several places you can go for more information, and more stores, including Anne McCaffrey's own website (see book lovers links).

book cover, Get off the Unicorn, by Anne McCaffrey
Get Off the Unicorn, Anne McCaffrey

Get Off the Unicorn

Originally this collection was to be entitled Get of the Unicorn, but this typographical error tickled McCaffrey's fancy.

Several of the stories in this collection relate to McCaffrey's series, either as another part of that universe, or as a precursor to a novel.

Lady in the Tower is the story from which The Rowan developed. A Meeting of Minds is also part of the Talents universe, dealing with Rowan's daughter Damia. Apple takes place earlier in the Talent universe in the time of Daffyd op Owen.

The Smallest Dragonboy is the story of K'van's impression, part of the Pern universe, while Honeymoon is the next adventure of Helva after those in The Ship Who Sang.

See the Dragonrider series page for reading order

See the Brain Ship series page for reading order

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book cover, The Girl Who Heard Dragons
The Girl Who Heard Dragons, Anne McCaffrey

The Girl Who Heard Dragons

Anne McCaffrey's least satisfying collection, I bought this in hardcover ($33.95) and went back to buying paperback editions after that. No-one's output is consistent, there are always peaks and troughs. This collection unfortunately includes the worst of McCaffrey's published output.

See the Dragonrider series page for reading order.

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book cover, If Wishes were Horses
If Wishes Were Horses, Anne McCaffrey

If Wishes Were Horses

Tizra and her twin brother Tracell face life after their father is called away to war.

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book cover, No One Noticed the Cat, by Anne McCaffrey
No One Noticed the Cat, Anne McCaffrey

No One Noticed the Cat

Prince Jamas must take over after wise old Regent Mangan dies. He is not alone, he still has Mangan's beautiful and intelligent cat, Niffy.

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book cover, Space Opera, Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough; 84x140
Space Opera, Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Space Opera

Edited by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough with contributions from Alan Dean Foster, Gene Wolfe, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Charles de Lint

Twenty original stories featuring music, science fiction, fantasy and crime all get a look in.

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Other titles include:

Decision at Doona, Anne McCaffrey
Crisis on Doona (1992), Anne McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye
Crisis on Doona and Treaty on Doona on audio cassette [ABRIDGED]
The Death of Sleep (Planet Pirates 2) Anne McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye
Dinosaur Planet, Anne McCaffrey
Dinosaur Planet Survivors, Anne McCaffrey

An Exchange of Gifts Anne McCaffrey, Pat Morrissey (Illustrator)
Dragonriders of Pern (1988) Anne McCaffrey