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City on the edge of the Yarra

Melbourne is a night-time city. We have the usual four seasons, often more than once a day. Gardens and restaurants are our best-known assets (Victoria likes to think of itself as the Garden State). In fine weather the gardens draw us into the open air, and when the days turn inclement, or night time falls, we flock to restaurants and bistros and coffee shops.

Melbourne at dusk from the Casino complex looking towards Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

View from the Crown Casino complex across the Yarra towards Flinders Street Station.

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In recent years a great deal of money has been expended to transform the southern banks of the Yarra River. An area of the suburb South Melbourne lying close to the river has been renamed Southbank. It features the Victorian Arts Centre, Southgate, the casino complex and the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne Convention Centre with the Heliport in the foreground. Batman Park lies across the river behind the landing stage. Taken from the Crown Casino Complex.

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Melbourne at night, from Queensbridge towards Flinders St Station, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Yarra River at night from the Queens Bridge looking towards Flinders Street Station on the north bank.

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Melbourne at night from the Queens Bridge looking towards the Casino, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Melbourne's Yarra River during the day, click here

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