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Welcome to Technology Bytes, the section for enabling technologies and other things that cheer and frustrate us.
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Spring 1997 (Sep - Nov 97)

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Hot off the Presses has extracts from some of the press releases we received this month.

Recent products of interest to webmasters, especially retailers.

eVend, selling Web content

Just the Hard Facts -- new multi-function machines from HP

For Your Information

Upgrading your Human-- computer software making the hardest upgrade of all.

Casimir rites again!

Jon Casimir, he of the Sydney Morning Herald among other things, has ANOTHER collection of his essays, thoughts and favourite web addresses. And, just for fun, some of the most peculiar sites he has found.

Some of the sites are gone, some cobwebbed, but read the book, quote it, refer to the sites, and let your friends and acquaintances think you too have a web account from a large metropolitan newspaper. Reviewed this issue.

Have viruses got you worried?

Cybec, the VET people are running full-day workshops and half-day seminars (October, 1997) in Australia. The seminars cover what viruses are, and developing policies for dealing with them. The workshops are for the hands-on people, basically on how to implement and use Vet in your organisation. For more information contact Cybec's training people.

Wrambling on

Websters complain about the couch potatoes on the web. But, do they make their contact details obvious? This issue, about splash screens, animations, and web designers who forget to make the e-mail easy. We publish other opinions if you have something worthwhile to share.

Movie Reviews Index Excellent Resources

Some web resources recommended TO us.

For kids, their own links page. We are also looking for reviewers of products for the younger set. Contact the editor.

Stuff we've been given to review

Hot Dog 4.0 - HTML editor

Hot Dog Express - HTML editor (entry level)

Corel Web.master suite - HTML editor, site manager, some FTP.

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