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Virgil Flowers series

Lucas Davenport (Prey) series

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Author's Official Website:

Official Website:

More by John Sandford:

Virgil Flowers series

Lucas Davenport (Prey) series

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John Sandford (John Camp)

Kidd and LuEllen Series

On the Shady Side of the Law

He's a rising artist who could have a PHd in computer science if he hadn't gone fishing the day of his orals. His interests are his cat, his painting, tarot, fishing and karate. Oh, and creating statistical models for political campaigns.

"Sometimes, especially in political off-years, I take less conventional computer-related jobs. They pay the best of all."

She's a specialist in making off with the material possessions of the rich. He doesn't even know her real name and address, she's just LuEllen, reachable through a seedy motel in Duluth.

"LuEllen is a thief. She steals only from the rich, for the excellent reason that they're the only people worth stealing from."

When Kidd first meets LuEllen she's doing a little thieving from an unpleasant neighbour. He invites her over for a little beer and sex. Their relationship is one of casual convenience. When he gets the chance to pull a multi-million-dollar-earning caper, LuEllen is the expert he calls in to help him enter places where he isn't invited.

The Kidd and LuEllen stories are capers, with computer hacking, breaking-and-entering, guns and general rough-housing.

Originally published under the author's own name: John Camp


The Fool's Run

The Empress File

The Devil's Code

Reading Note

The Hanged Man's Song

Book cover, The Fool's Run, John Sandford; 81x139
The Fool's Run, John Sandford (John Camp)

The Fool's Run

Kidd is an artist with a sideline in computer work of the more imaginative, and not always legal, kind. LuEllen relieves wealthy people of their disposable possessions. When Kidd is offered a job helping a corporation get even with the corporate theft of their guidance system, he calls in LuEllen, PR specialist Dace and a few people contactable over the phone lines. Can the crime of his life get them out of a life of crime?

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Book cover, The Empress File, John Sandford; 81x139
The Empress File, John Sandford (John Camp)

The Empress File

Who is the empress in Kidd's tarot reading? The thief, the communist or the crooked politician? Kidd and LuEllen take a slow boat down the Mississippi to break the machine running a town full of corruption. They use breaking and entering, a crystal ball and the tarot deck to win the day.

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Book cover, The Devil's Code, John Sandford; 81x139
The Devil's Code, John Sandford (John Camp)

The Devil's Code

Kidd is called in when one of his hacker friends is accused of shooting a security guard before being himself killed.

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Reading Note, John Sandford

Reading Note

To avoid spoilers read Chosen Prey (Lucas Davenport) first.

Book cover, The Hanged Man's Song, John Sandford; 81x139
The Hanged Man's Song, John Sandford (John Camp)

The Hanged Man's Song

When Bobby, superhacker and a key part of Kidd's information/hacker network disappears Kidd investigates and becomes entangled with three-letter-acronym government organisations.

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Rider tarot cards

The End of the Series?

On his web site it says, "We've had ideas for a potential fifth book, but the truth is the Kidd series simply doesn't sell well enough to justify a new Kidd novel versus another Lucas or Virgil novel. If there ever is another novel in the series, it's going to have to be completely different from the previous ones." (29-Jul-2013)

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