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K. W. Jeter

Kim Oh Series

The cover illustrations and the title promise a kick-ass dangerous woman. But Kim Oh starts off as a nerd and at the end of the first book has developed very little.

Slow-moving and humourless, this series is an acquired taste. The making of a hitwoman has been done better in Nikita/Assassin.

Book cover, Real Dangerous Girl, K W Jeter; 106x140
Real Dangerous Girl, K. W. Jeter

Real Dangerous Girl

A quiet, shabbily-dressed Korean-descended girl works as book-keeper/accountant for a dubious business enterprise. She keeps two sets of books and pays off the hitman, all on the promise that one day she will be the Chief Financial Officer. But one day she arrives to find a slicked-back Harvard boy sitting in the office she had expected for herself?

What is a girl to do? In her case she attacks her employer with her fingernails and is ejected by the chief of security like so much trash into the alley. She picks herself up and decides it's over for her ex-employer. By the end of the book, he is still relatively unharmed.

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Book cover, Real Dangerous Job, K W Jeter; 105x140
Real Dangerous Job, K. W. Jeter

Real Dangerous Job

Kim and Cole finally graduate from shooting out quarries to an attack on their mutual enemy. Their timeline is driven by an unexpected betrayal.

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Book cover, Real Dangerous People, K W Jeter; 105x140
Real Dangerous People, K. W. Jeter

Real Dangerous People

Recruited to join a crime boss's team of bodyguards, Kim soon realizes that she's surrounded by heavily armed men who are supposed to be on her side -- but who don't like working with a woman. She has to watch her back at the same time a multi-layered, double-crossing conspiracy threatens to wipe out the whole team. Or is it a triple-cross? By the time the final deadly gun battle breaks out, Kim will have to figure out if there's anybody on her side -- including the boss she's supposed to be working for... (source:

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Book cover, Real Dangerous Place, K W Jeter; 105x140
Real Dangerous Place, K. W. Jeter

Real Dangerous Place

In L.A. Caught in a violent hostage situation -- trapped on the freeway in the middle of the city, with fiery explosions in front and in back of her, surrounded by a terrorist mastermind's assault-rifle-toting henchmen on all sides -- an unarmed Kim has to fight to save both her brother Donnie and herself. And all the while, she's unaware of how much is really at stake -- a revenge-driven scheme to unleash an apocalyptic weapon, horrifying beyond description... (source:

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