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Welcome to Technology Bytes, the section for enabling technologies and other things that cheer and frustrate us.
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Summer 1997-8 (Dec-Feb)

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Hot Dog 4.5 - HTML editor
Crayola graphics program
Recent products of interest to webmasters, especially retailers.

eVend, selling Web content

Upgrading your Human-- computer software making the hardest upgrade of all.

For Beginners: How to bookmark using Netscape or Internet Explorer.
How to create textual or graphical links (Our example shows how to link to Festivale).

New release of Vet Anti-Viral software.

click here to go to Vet site
Click here to go to the Sausage Software site

New columnists and reviewers

Freebies are a web staple, sought eagerly by surfers. This month our new columnist Simon Feeney writes about the advantages and disadvantages of free accounts in Wrambling On

For gamers, Phil Wlodarcyzk reviews PC-based games in The Gameroom.

Do you send electronic mail to non-English speaking countries?

A seriously fun, I mean, a serious business application which I viewed at Interact this year was TenFour's translation software. It currently works with a few European languages, English, French, German, etc, and the mail gateway, upon request, will translate your electronic mail into another language. You can then preview the text and make edits, before sending. The gateway and five user licences costs A$2,500 or so. It also translates the e-mails you receive. Massively useful, really. Yours truly contributed to a french language forum and few years ago using a translation program. Okay, it wasn't perfect, but we could communicate and that was the important thing.

To try it, write a message in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. Check spelling and punctuation, mail to the language address (e.g. english@tenfour.se; french@tenfour.se) of the language you wish to translate TO, and the translated message will be sent to your mailbox with the original text as an attached file. (queries to info@tenfour.se)

Wrambling on

The cost of free stuff is this month's topic from columnist Simon Feeney.

Movie Reviews Index Excellent Resources

Some web resources recommended TO us.

Chainlink message board. Chainlink is hosted on the Acclaim Web Services web site at http://www.acclaimweb.com/bbs/. Webmasters post a message describing the types of sites that they are looking to link to, and give a brief description of their site. They can leave an email address to be contacted directly, and can even leave a link to their site. The only restriction we have is that they do not want the board used as a place to advertise your business, so please use it the way it was intended.

For kids, their own links page. We are also looking for reviewers of products for the younger set. Contact the editor.

Stuff we've been given to review

Hot Dog Express - HTML editor (entry level). Terry Frost is going to review this.

Corel Web.master suite - HTML editor, site manager, some FTP.

This site resides on a WebCentral host

Mira Networking, ISP

Submit your site to 100+ directories
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