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This is a simple, textual guide to the site, because pictures would be pretty, and cool, but SLOW. We update this occasionally, there's plenty more in Festivale.

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Links for kids

Kids in Cyberspace

Pictorial Guide to Melbourne and Victoria

Full index If you are interested in Melbourne Map
site map Art Deco Buildings feature, list, map
Latest uploads Public parks and gardens list
Parks and gardens story
Historic places and Museums list
Galleries and Markets list
Another view walk of inner Melbourne (koorie / Australian aboriginal)
Yarra River photostory, see also Penguin Pursuits, our trip to the Fairy (Little) Penguins by boat.
What's on -- events; clubs
If you are interested in Victoria, including the Dandenongs Map
Mt Dandenong Tourist Road list, map
Puffing Billy (feature)
Victorian parks and gardens list, map
Historic places/museums list
Galleries and Markets list (not in place, yet)
If you are interested in Australia map and links
New South Wales links, South Australia links, Western Australia links, Northern Territory links, Queensland links, Tasmania links
If you are interested in movies (films)
Science Fiction -- the interesting old stuff (feature)
Film reviews index
Coming attractions - Australian release dates for films
A Reel Life - column on film and television
Links to movie theatres, production companies and distributors, internet movie sites
If you like to read
Bookroom (news and reviews)
Book reviews index
Authors index
Book lovers links
Anne McCaffrey feature
Terry Pratchett feature
If you are interested in Techno-stuff, including hints on creating web pages and using the web Check out Technology Bytes.
If you are interested in Star Trek
Majel Barrett interview
Robert O'Reilly interview
Star Trek review
If you are interested in other science fiction and fantasy Genre clubs lists
Oz Odyssey
Science Fiction Films -- the interesting old stuff
Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey, David Gerrold
Majel Barrett, Robert O'Reilly
If you are interested in the stars (astronomy sites)
Solar system map and links

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