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PCs on the Yarra, Interact PC Show

HotDog Hot Damn! Sausage's new Webmaster Suite reviewed.

Laplink Technical Must-have software for PC users

For Beginners: How to bookmark using Netscape or Internet Explorer.
How to create textual or graphical links (Our example shows how to link to Festivale).

For gamers, Phil Wlodarcyzk reviews PC-based games in The Gameroom.

Games and informational software for the younger set are reviewed in Kids in Cyberspace, and there's a list of links that have been recommended to us as well.

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This month we'll be adding a few new pages in anticipation of upcoming releases. Both Microsoft and Corel have Office 2000 versions coming out with betas becoming available in December. Our team of PC people, all of whom work on the 'shop floor' with computers and end-users, will be updating pages as they work through the beta and GA releases. GA is the final version that you buy, what I call the gamma test release because anyone with any experience knows that the initial release of software is not something you bet your livelihood on.

For more on Ali's current cyber-battles, see this month's Digitali.
For Microsoft Office 2000 beta, click here
For Corel Office 2000 beta, click here
Eudora Pro is available in a new version, for a review and link to update site, click here
Ulead PhotoImpact was recently updated, for a review, click here

Your machine, your way, Your:)Ware

A new home user purchasing solution from Gateway.

What is holding you back from purchasing that new PC? Gateway, a leader in online computer sales, believe that two major factors are the up-front cost, and the fear that a new PC will rapidly become out-of-date. In response, from October 19, 1998, Australian and New Zealand consumers will be able to purchase customised Gateway PCs under the Your:)Ware programme. With third-party finance partner, Gateway can offer their approved customers the option of purchasing PCs over four years.

The PCs belong to the purchaser from the first day and can be upgraded at any time. After two years, until the end of the four-year payment period, customers can trade-in their PC for a new Gateway machine and get a credit for the wholesale value of the machine at the time of the trade-in. This means that additional or upgraded components will be taken into account when a third-party valuer inspects the machine. Printers and other peripherals may be financed, but not traded-in. Your:)Ware also includes the option of unlimited Internet access (gatewaynet) through third-party ISP.

An entry-level 333MHz machine with 56K modem and unlimited access would start at $25 per week.. Customers can add to the machine during the payment term and have their monthly payments adjusted accordingly. There is no penalty for early payouts if you elect to pay more than the minimum monthly amounts. Purchasers receive a Your:)Ware card which may be used at some retailers.

The Your:)Ware trade-in programme is available to those who choose one or both of the finance or gatewaynet Internet access options. Michelle Vanzelle, Marketing Manager for Gateway Australia and New Zealand, says "Your:)Ware is a ground-breaking programme that places a new PC, complete with the latest technology and Internet access, within the reach of many consumers who might otherwise have been deterred." Since the U.S. launch of this programme, approximately 30% of Gateway's business has been made through Your:)Ware.

Your:)Ware consultants are trained to help customers create a customised configuration based on their individual needs. Computers purchased from Gateway come with a three-year warranty and unlimited phone/fax/e-mail support for the computer hardware and operating system.

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