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Summer, 1998

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Flinders Street Station beside the Yarra River, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Festivale is an arts and entertainment magazine created in Melbourne, Australia


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Chinese Cinema

Hong Kong Hits Hollywood
by Mark Morrison

Jerry Lewis DownUnder

Jerry Lewis visits Melbourne

Kundun: The Story behind the Film
by Tim Richards

Crying at the Movies
Cinema Nova introduces special sessions for busy parents

Autumn in Melbourne:
a photostory

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Previous Features:
Titanic: a powerful voice from a watery grave
The Fairy on the Top of the Christmas Tree -- A
Cautionary Tale about How Traditions Start
Penguin Pursuits -- Taking a boat down the Yarra River to see the
Fairy Penguins
Part of the Legacy: an interview with Majel Barrett Roddenberry
Peter Fonda, American Son
Goodnight, Sweet Princess -- A Farewell to one of the most influential women of this century
OZ Odyssey: Science Fiction -- the view down under by Bruce Gillespie
Death on the Internet, a presentation by Sisters in Crime, Australia
Anne McCaffrey
Robert O'Reilly
Terry Pratchett
Science Fiction Film -- the interesting old
The Gardens of
A Steamy Melbourne Weekend on
Puffing Billy
Photostory City on the edge of the Yarra

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Published in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Festivale contains movie reviews clickable map of Melbourne, information about release dates for upcoming movies (films), a pictorial guide to Melbourne and Victoria, Australia with maps. Australian also called Aussies, (from Oz). Keywords include: Ozzie film movie links film sites movie sites film reviews movie reviews links Festivale is a web-based arts and entertainment magazine produced in Melbourne, Australia (Victoria). Festivale online magazine aims to encourage local and international artists, writers in interest in Melbourne and Victoria. Festivale is dedicated to promoting an appreciation and enjoyment of Australia and the Australian way of life. Check us out for information about public places, what's on, the latest movies, films, software, and other developments, plus tips on discovering the best and strangest of Melbourne, Victoria and Australia, with clickable maps and links to educational and entertainment sites, travel information, tourist information, and more. Festivale covers travel, tourism, tourist, movie reviews, movies, film reviews, software reviews, history, geography, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, map, maps, online magazine, e-zine.

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ISSN 1328-8008
Published in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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