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Issue: Winter, 2016 (July)

Scorsese @ ACMI a Film Feast

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The Scorsese Exhibition now showing at ACMI, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne, proves again that it loves and honours cinema culture. It started in May and goes to September and is a must for anyone interested in film.

Martin Scorsese is one of the most successful and respected film directors of our time and his life's work is on show for the first time in this absorbing and comprehensive exhibition. There are film clips, storyboards, posters, costumes, personal items. When I went to the exhibition I seriously spent 2 hours and still had a third of the exhibition to see. It is captivating, personal and exhilarating.

Scorsese Exhibit 2016; 599x400

Anyone who has a practical connection to filmmaking is doubly rewarded because of the staggering amount of material dedicated to how the director worked. Here you see a filmmaker who literally took the world he came from and changed it. He changed the American filmmaking world in relation to genre, style and acting and the ripple effect has been felt around the world.

Rather than rabbiting on about my personal love affair with this exhibition I thought it would be much more rewarding to hear from the ACMI lead curator Fiona Trigg. Fiona spoke with Melinda O'Connor on On Screen (3CR Film Show 11am Saturdays) and gave some fascinating insights into the depth and breadth of the exhibition. Thanks to Melinda for the access and it is just up to me to say Enjoy!

Read the interview between Fiona Trigg and Melinda O'Connor

26 May - 18 Sept
Open every day 10-5

Ten Scorsese features chosen by David Stratton will be part of the events calendar at ACMI screenings on Friday nights with exhibition open at 9pm Fridays.

Check AMCI website for more information.

July, 2016

Annie McLoughlin, photograph courtesy of the author

Annie McLouglin is a regular columnist and reviewer for Festivale Online Magazine. She contributes regularly to radio station 3CR and moderates Festivale's Reel Life Facebook Page.

Annie McLoughlin page

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

And there are more documentary festivals to come. Next month is MDFF - Melbourne's own competitive documentary film festival.

The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival aim is to support independent documentary filmmaking in Melbourne, Australia and around the globe.

The festival is 3 days film festival from 9th -- 11th July 2016. Ticket sales close 8th July, 2016.

For more information

A Billion Lives; 600x336

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Call for Submissions

Tropfest 2017

Are you an emerging filmmaker?

Tropfest's 25th anniversary is happening Saturday February 11, 2017, so it's time to get creative! Each film must contain the Annual Tropfest Signature Item (TSI), and the 25th annual TSI is 'PINEAPPLE'! Submissions close December 15, 2016.

So, If you have a story to tell, get filming, enter Tropfest, make history!

Tropfest atmosphere shot; 600x399



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: OUR KIND OF TRAITOR (Two double passes) [CLOSED]

Hinterland, Festivale DVD review; 280x266

Hinterland Season (series) 2

Thanks to RLJ Entertainment, we have three DVD sets to give away of the excellent television series Hinterland (Season 2).

Set in Wales, the crime series captures the look and feel of a culture that many of us will never discover. The best of crime takes us to places that become as real a character as the characters themselves.

Hinterland will be released on DVD nationally from July 1st.

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Our Kind of Traitor Double Passes

movie poster, Our Kind of Traitor; 400x593

StudioCanal have provided us with two double passes to see Our Kind Of Traitor

Our Kind of Traitor (reviewed here) is a superb example of the spy movie. No kiss, kiss, bang, bang, special effects romp, this is a John Le Carré story of espionage and russian crime families and desperate escape.

So, we're doing 'take your mates' again. Two double passes (four people) to see the film in an Australian cinema during the current season. Entry closes Friday July 15, 2016.

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Winner: Ross Shaw

Murder: The Complete Series

First prize: Sam Jones, Melbourne
Second prize: Cian O'Reilly, Melbourne
Third prize: Lauren Papadopoulos

Why Woman Should Go to Ghostbusters

By Andi Zeisler

I have Friday, July 15, circled on my calendar already. Like many moviegoing women, for more than a year I've been anticipating the opening of the all-female reboot of "Ghostbusters."

I fully expect that Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones will make me laugh -- McKinnon and Jones are 80% of the reason I still watch "Saturday Night Live." At the same time, I legitimately worry about what happens if the movie falls short of expectations. This isn't just about box office numbers, but about optics. When a big-budget movie starring men does poorly, it's just another dud that's shrugged off. When one made by or starring women doesn't live up to the hype, it becomes a referendum on women as artists and filmgoers.


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