October 1996 - September 1997 (Spring 96 to Winter 97)

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Spring 1996
editorial, Spring 1996
Death in the Internet Café (Sisters in Crime)

The Man behind Gowron (Ali Kayn)

The Dragonlady of Ireland (Ali Kayn)

Read any good books lately? - Good Reading Guide, Kenneth McLeich

Reviews: Whaleroad, Kerry Greenwood; Scale of Dragon Tooth of Wolf, Sue Isle; (Richard Hryckiewicz); The Mask of Calibran, Michael Pryor (Marc Ortlieb)

Review: The First Stone (Traci Harding)

Upgrading your human (archived)

The Ultimate Frank Lloyd Wright (archived), Barrons Book Notes; The Complete Shakespeare,

Kids in Cyberspace: Kids News;
Reviews: Pandora's Box; Yellow Hippo (archived); (Peter Wain with Kate Wain);

Web Weavers Wreviews: Wrambling on
Reviews, Deep Space 9 Voiceprint software; News

Wrambling on: review, Postcards from the Net

A Reel Life: coming attractions
Reviews: Kansas City (John Dillane)

A Reel Life: (Reviews) Sleepers; Mr Reliable

A Reel Life: Casting the First Stone (review of Sleepers by John Dillane)
A Reel Life: Review Dragonheart
A Reel Life: (Film reviews) hype!; Bulletproof; Star Trek First Contact

Web Weavers Wreviews: Wrambling On, (HTML The Definitive Guide)

Reviews: PhotoImpact (archived from site)

Clubs and societies
SUMMER 1997 Editorial
The Master of Fantastic Humour - interview with Terry Pratchett
Events pages re-opened

web search page

A Reel Life (national screenwriters conference)

Dragonheart, Daylight,

Links page - movies

National Screenwriters' Conference, Melbourne March 13-16, 1997 archived

PIs in Our Midst (Val McDermid's A Suitable Job for a Woman and Kerry Greenwood's The Thing She Loves)

Inner Circle (Claire McNab)

Pigeon Poo, the Universe and Car Paint and other awesome science moments; The Dragons of Heorot; At Home in the Universe, The Search for Laws of Complexity;

Links page - book publishers

Aurealis awards (science fiction/fantasy); Scarlet Stilleto awards (crime)

Science Fiction Films - the interesting old stuff by Terry Frost

The Gardens of Melbourne, by Ali Kayn

The Art Deco Buildings of Melbourne

C. J. Cherryh answers the hard questions

Author David Gerrold answers the hard questions

Mary Fortune paved the way .. finding the mother of detective fiction (archived)- Lucy Sussex

I remember the future (Ali Kayn) (computing and technology)

The Bookroom, Apr 1997 (includes the Dilbert Principle)

Grim Pickings, review;
The Insult, review

Review Sense and Sensibility Diary, Emma Thompson

SBS Guide to Eating in Melbourne;

Quantum Technology, review

All Us Apes and other scientific wisdom from Ockham's Razor, review;
Aussie Fact Book, review;

The Funny Side of Billy Connolly, Bruce Desau

A User's Guide to the Millenium, review

A Reel Life, Apr 1997;

Bordello of Blood review (recovered); Fierce Creatures review (recovered);

(Replacement of corrupted file) Idiot Box review;

Michael review, Mars Attacks! review

When we were Kings, review

Dante's Peak review

The Relic review; Terry Frost

The Relic review (Ali's review); Jerry Maguire review

Kama Sutra, review; One Fine Day, review

The Associate, Ali's review; Terry's review

For Your Information, Apr 1997

Bernard of Hollywood's Marilyn CD, review;

Cinemania 97, review;

Encarta 97 World atlas, review.

Learning Windows® 95 CD, review

Wrambling On, Apr 1997 - computer news and Web Weaving Wreviews

Hot off the presses (archived)

updated search page, movie links, book readers links
Map uploads started.

Updated movie lovers' links page, and book lovers' links page

Revision of events page and maps. Check out the new links.

Have you checked out the latest updates to our database of public parks & gardens, historic places and galleries & craft markets?

Site Map

Map of Art deco walk, Melbourne

Additional information, Map of Victoria

WINTER 1997 Editorial - Digital Memories. This issue, a new CD writer results in a trip into the bowels of e-mail archives.
Puffing Billy
The Well, review (Terry Frost)

The Well, review (Ali Kayn)

Fifth Element, review

Twin Town, review

Liar, Liar; review

Fever Pitch, review

Winter, review.
Web Weavers Wrambling, Jun 1997

Winebase for Windows, review

FloorPlan Plus 3D, review

The bookroom (George Turner's death)

Fall of Angels, review

updated search page
new search links page
Spring 1997 - see next archive

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