October 1997 - (Spring 97 to Spring 1998)
Jan 1998
Cover Stories

Titanic: a powerful voice from a watery grave. Writer/director James Cameron takes a film crew deep beneath the Atlanic waves to bring us an emotion-charged film.
How the Fairy Got on the Top of the Christmas Tree
A Cautionary Tale

The Glamourous Life, by Jane Routley

January Filmspotting by Terry Frost

February Filmspotting, Terry Frost's monthly column Movie reviews:

Titanic and Tomorrow Never Dies by regular contributor, Tim Richards ; reader reviews page, and not to be outdone, Ali has added some comments to the Titanic info page; In & Out (Tim Richards); Hoodlum, Mousehunt; Amistad; Starship Troopers; Amistad (Ali's review); The Edge, Hard Rain; Her Majesty Mrs Brown; The Jackal; As Good as it Gets; The Rainmaker; The Boxer; Red Corner; Boogie Nights; Matchmaker; Cop Land; Siddhartha; Soul Food


Sally's Reading Corner, reviews of new and old titles.

Book reviews:

Asleep at the Wheel; Working from Home (Sarah Endacott)
Wild Game (Margo Lanagan) (children's) reviewed by Geoff Griffin;
Chain Letter (Carol Ashton); With Friends Like These (Nicholas Coleridge)

News and Reviews in the Bookroom

Crayola review

Games Room: The Tone Rebellion review;

Techno stuff and games

Wrambling On: Simon Feeney on The Free Web.

Reviews: Dilbert games software review

Dec 1997
Cover Stories:Penguin Pursuits

An Interview with Kerry Greenwood

How the Fairy Got on the Top of the Christmas Tree
A Cautionary Tale

Testing Sausage Software eVend, Click here


More news in The Bookroom
Review: Explore Tasmania


Filmspotting (by regular columnist, Terry Frost)
Reviews: Freeway; Diana and Me (Ali's review and Tim's review); The End of Violence review; grosse pointe Blank review; Alien Resurrection; Titanic by David Gerrold

see also, reader comments and info; Titanic and Tomorrow Never Dies by regular contributor, Tim Richards ; more reader reviews; Spawn, In & Out, I Know What you Did Last Summer, Tomorrow Never Dies, Road to Nhill (reviewed by Tim Richards)


Techbytes (archived) and Press Releases (archived); more links on the kids' page.
Reviews: HTML editor, HotDog 4.5 review;


Revised search page
Magazine rack, please help us to build a rack of the best free online magazines

SPRING 1997 Sep 1997 to Nov 1997
Oz Odyssey - A view of Science Fiction down under by Bruce Gillespie

Goodnight, sweet princess
A Farewell to Diana, Princess of Wales

Art Deco walk has been revised -- more pictures, more text.

City on the Edge of the Yarra (featuring photographs from the site)

William Ricketts Sanctuary, Dandenong Ranges

Melbourne's Rialto Towers Observation Deck

Peter Fonda, American Son

The Honey Man, Memories from an Australian Childhod, Ali Kayn


Another View walk of Melbourne
Part of the Legacy, an interview with Majel Barrett Roddenberry.

Digit-ali - the column. This month, the inflexibility of democratic operating systems.
A Reel Life - Just what does it take to annoy columnist Terry Frost?
A Reel Life Nov 97 -- Great books on Movies

Conspiracy Theory review; Absolute Power review; Addicted to Love review; Con Air review, Face/Off review; Career Girls review ; Paws review; Men in Black (Terry's Review) (Ali's Review) ;
2 Days in the Valley review; Austin Powers review
Paws review (by Festivale's kid reporter); Albino Alligator, Terry Frost movie review
Albino Alligator, Ali Kayn movie review; Ulee's Gold (Terry's review); Ulee's Gold (Ali's review); The Game, Ali's review; The Game, Terry's review; My Best Friend's Wedding, review; Speed 2: Cruise Control, review; George of the Jungle, capsule review

Dream with Fishes, review; Fire review; Contact; The Fully Monty; L.A. Confidential; One Eight Seven (187); A Life Less Ordinary; I Went Down; Picture Perfect; Hurricane Streets; Air Force One; Nothing to Lose; The Peacemaker; G. I. Jane; Gattaca; I Went Down; Kiss the Girls, review;

New additions to the movie sites links page.
The Bookroom -- Digiterati review; Final Victim, review. A boy and his mouse, review of the sequel to Postcards from the Net.

The Bookroom, Blue Genes, Val McDermid (review); The Wire in the Blood, Val McDermid; Talkback Emperors of the Air, review; Makan-lah! The true taste of Malaysia

Kids in Cyberspace -- links people have recommended to us.
Technology Bytes

Just the Hard Facts. Hewlett Packard's new printing and scanning products.

Web Weavers

eVend - selling web content

Pirianda Garden; Carlton Gardens; Flagstaff Gardens; new map of Australia
Melbourne's Crown Casino; Melbourne Convention Centre; Scienceworks map; Scienceworks; Another View walk of Melbourne; Adam Thomas submitted a new map of Australia to us.
NEW! General trivia game

Entertainment trivia game

Summer, 1997 (Dec 97 - Feb 97)

Bookroom - more news and reviews.

Films / Movies
A Reel Life: Filmspotting (by regular columnist, Terry Frost)
Reviews: Freeway

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